A truly great stone, for the one, true love:


We will inform you on the meaning of the measurement unit carat, educate you on which other quality criteria should be considered when choosing a diamond, and help you find the perfect engagement ring for the love of your life – whether it is a prefabricated model or a custom made-to-measure ring.

Engagement and diamond rings traditionally go hand in hand for most people. Diamonds have been a symbol of resilience, eternal love, and the longing for a lasting connection with loved ones for decades. Seemingly unbreakable/indestructible, their chemical structure solidifies/renders them as the hardest naturally occurring material on earth, because: >>Diamonds are forever<<

The size of the diamond also plays an important role. One carat, two carats – For the one, true love, a magnificent stone, sparkling on top of the engagement ring, is only appropriate.

Many people are unaware of what the unit of measurement “carat” actually means. A common misconception is that carat is describing the size of a diamond, but instead it is a measurement unit for weight: One carat corresponds to 0.2 grams.

Size and weight are of course related, eg. A high-carat diamond is likely larger than one with a lower carat weight, however, the dimensions do not change proportionally since the cut also plays an important role for the size. Meaning: A two carats diamond is twice as heavy, but not twice as large as a diamond with one carat. Therefore, carat is not a direct indicator of diamond size. Moreover, price is not directly proportional to carat weight either. Very large rough diamonds with two carats or more are very rare and therefore much more expensive.

Other features deciding quality for diamonds

In addition to carat, three other characteristics are used to assess the quality and value of a diamond which help to determine its price.

The four C'S include:

  • Carat (ct): The weight of the diamond (1 carat = 0.2 grams)
  • Cut: The shape of the cut
  • Clarity: The clarity, measured by the amount/absence of carbon inclusions inside
  • Color: The color, measured by the absence of a yellowish tinge

For you, the most interesting question is probably:

How do I find the perfect engagement ring or diamond ring?

Surely you already have an approximate budget in mind and certain ideas about what kind of engagement ring will best suit your great love. If diamond size is your highest priority, carat weight will certainly be the metric to go by. A single-carat stone is a good starting point.

Depending on your budget, you may have to compromise on other quality criteria. In the following tutorial we will explain to you how to select the largest diamond possible for your ring, without sacrificing quality.

When deciding on your engagement ring, we offer two distinct options:

  • Select a “finished”/pre-fabricated diamond ring:

You decide on an existing model with a specific setting, carat and diamond cut (e.g. princess cut, emerald cut, teardrop cut, etc.) and only choose between white gold, rose gold and yellow gold for the material of the setting (and specify the ring size). All that is left to do then is to specify your ring’s size. Additionally, you have the option to personalize your pre-made diamond ring by adding an engraving to it (at My Diamond Ring free of charge). Here you can find a selection of various single-carat models.

  • Configuring/Assembling your own custom /personalized diamond ring:

With our ring configuration tool/ring assembly tool, you can create your very own made to measure engagement ring in just a few simple steps. First, determine your preferred design and material for the ring setting /white gold, yellow gold or rose gold). Next, depending on your budget, you choose your ideal diamond based on the 4 Cs determining quality. And finally, you can add a free of charge engraving to your ring in order to personalize it even more. You can find a detailed tutorial for ring configuration here.

No matter which option you choose, you will always benefit from My Diamond Ring’s advantages. My Diamond Ring not only fulfils all criteria of an “offline jeweller”, but also offers numerous advantages such as a GIA certificate for every diamond, personalized customer service with systematic style advice, free shipping, and many more.

You can find out which ones exactly right here.