3 ways to be sure you're making a good diamond ring deal


How to make sure you're purchasing the right ring at the right price

When gifted for an engagement, a diamond ring is a symbol for a big decision. Also financially, purchasing a diamond ring can mean a significant investment. Naturally, you'll want to make sure that you're getting a good deal. Here's how.

1. Diamond certification

It's very important to make sure your diamond ring will come with a certificate of authenticity. Independent institutes like the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) assess the quality of bigger diamonds and ensure ethical origin.

Also for jewelry adorned with smaller diamonds – which are not certified individually – a certificate from a trustworthy jeweler will guarantee for the diamonds' authenticity.

My Diamond Ring exclusively offers diamonds certified by the GIA. All orders (including pieces from the Fine Jewelry Collection) come with a My Diamond Ring certificate, ensuring the stones' authenticity and our lifelong guarantee.

More on diamond certificates and why you need one

2. Return and exchange rights

A diamond ring is an important and meaningful piece of jewelry. That's why it's very important for you to feel relaxed about making the right decision!

Make sure your purchase includes

  • the right to return the ring
  • refund in case of return
  • exchange options
  • resizing if needed

My Diamond Ring offers free re-sizing for every purchase. Within 30 days, you may exchange or return your ring – complete with a 100% money back guarantee. More information

3. Pricing transparency

When buying a diamond ring, it's important to know what you're actually getting. Many buyers purchase a diamond ring only once in life and therefore – understandably – don't have a lot of knowledge about diamonds.

The best first step when buying a diamond ring is always to inform yourself about. Here's a little info starter pack with everything you'll need to know:

Tip: For more information, check out the Diamond Guide

But also with all the information you need, you'll still want to know how much you're actually paying for what.

The problem?

Often times, diamond rings are sold "ready-made", meaning that a diamond is already mounted into a setting. The offered price is final and for the complete ring.

The disadvantages of that?

  • You wouldn't know for sure how much you're paying for the diamond and how much you're paying for the ring itself.
  • You wouldn't be able to play with your budget, e.g. by choosing slightly lower quality but therefore getting a bigger diamond at the same price.

The solution:

Chose a jeweler where you can select setting and diamond separately. This means that first, you'll choose your favorite ring design (in white, pink or yellow gold) and then add the diamond of your dreams. Like this, you can

  • enjoy full pricing transparency
  • play with your options and find the diamond ring that matches both your expectations and budget

For your orientation: How much do different diamond rings cost?

How to do it:

With My Diamond Ring's configurator, you can create your diamond ring in 3 steps:

  1. Choose setting and gold color
  2. Choose diamond (from a huge selection of GIA-certified diamonds – don't worry, there are filters)
  3. Finish & personalize with ring size and engraving

Tutorial: How to create your personalized diamond ring

Try out the ring configurator

Alternatively, you may contact our customer support, let us know what your expectations and budget are – and receive a non-binding proposal before your own binding one: We'll create recommended diamond rings upon your request or answer any questions you might have, quickly and personally via phone, mail, text or chat.

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