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Our love story, to inspire and assist yours.

Turn your milestone into a diamond.

Our goal is to turn your milestone into the perfect engagement ring, matching her personality and her unique sense of style. A ring, that she will be looking forward to wearing every day, for the rest of her life.

Oriane Schullin, née Guilbert Vicelli, was born in Paris and educated to be a lawyer and business strategist, but life had a different path in store for her.

Oriane met her husband, Lukas Schullin, in 2005 at university in Italy and married him 12 years later in Austria.

Although Lukas, being a jeweler, had all the skills at his disposal to design a beautiful engagement ring, Oriane admitted a couple years after the wedding that she was not in love with it.

Together, they made the perfect ring, which Oriane looks forward to wearing every day.

In order to assist men, woman and couples to find the perfect engagement jewel for the desired budget, she decided to create My Diamond Ring. Oriane´s creative talent and abiding passion for style and gemstones combined with Lukas´s expertise in the high-end diamond jewelry business resulted in a website designed to serve all couples that wish to get married.

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Oriane & Lukas Schullin

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