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My Diamond Ring offers circa 50 exclusive designs to choose from. Here are all the tips to select the setting that fits your partner´s taste.

Tip #1 - Choose a setting that matches her style

Stack soft round 2 PG

Solitaire engagement rings are perfect for women with a classic and timeless style.

Stack pave round 2

Sidestones engagement rings feature tiny diamonds around the band, giving the appearance of a solid diamond surface. This type of setting is an all-time favorite for classic, elegant and refined women.

Stack crown pave round 2

Halo engagement rings surround the center diamond with tiny diamonds to spotlight its sparkle and brilliance. Halo rings are perfect for women who want their diamond to appear bigger than it is while keeping a simple band.

Stack full pave round 2

Halo and sidestones engagement rings, also called "full-pavé" are ideal for women who want a glamour all the way!

London trinity round 2

Trinity engagement rings, also called "trilogy" symbolize the past, the present, and future. Trinity rings are often given as engagement rings and most commonly, for the birth of a first child, when the couple becomes a family of three!

Tip #2 - Choose a Bestseller model

Getting inspired by our most popular engagement rings before you buy is a great way to narrow down our selection. You may just find the perfect ring within our bestseller collection.

Tip #3 - Choose the gold color that she wears the most

White gold is a popular choice for engagement rings although pink and yellow gold are increasingly popular choices. By looking at her everyday jewelry, you should easily find out the gold color that she identifies with the most.

Tip #4 - Take our style test

If you are unsure about the type of setting your partner may like, you can take our test. In only 8 questions, you will find out which rings may fit her taste, personality, and living habits best.


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