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My Diamond Ring offers more than 10.000 diamonds in all qualities and price ranges. You can browse recommended diamonds or filter through our diamonds yourself. We are also happy to suggest diamonds tailored to your wishes to facilitate your search further.

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My Diamond Ring recommends 12 diamonds daily, distributed over 3 categories:

  • BEST QUALITY: D, E, or F color grade* and VVS clarity grade**
  • MOST POPULAR: G or H color grade and VS clarity grade
  • VALUE FOR MONEY: I or J color grade and a VS or SI clarity grade

*Color grade:

The color scale ranges from D to Z. D, E, and F diamonds are completely colorless, meaning that they are extremely white. G or H diamonds are white to the naked eye. I or J diamonds are quite white to the naked eye, but start showing a mild yellowish tint.

** Clarity grade:

The clarity scale measures the number of inclusions or little "impurities" inside a diamond. VVS diamonds have inclusions that are totally invisible to the naked eye. VS diamonds have very small inclusions, also not visible to the naked eye. SI inclusions are difficult to see with the naked eye.

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You can filter through our 10.000+ diamonds based on their price and quality. Depending on your expectations, you may want to use our filter differently.

If you are searching for:

  • BEST QUALITY DIAMOND: select Color "D, E, F" and Clarity "F, IF," or "VVS"
  • THE BIGGEST DIAMOND IN YOUR BUDGET: Use the "Price" tab to select your budget and sort our diamonds by "Biggest Diamond First"
  • VALUE FOR MONEY DIAMOND: Select Color "I, J" and Clarity "VS" or "SI"

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