Best engagement rings for strong women!


Discover our selection of engagement rings for independent women!

Which engagement ring embodies strong women best?

Independent brides-to-be deserve a ring that reflects their personality.

Square-cut diamond engagement rings are the perfect embodiment of such independence. Nothing is better than a square diamond to symbolize how strong a woman can be.

A strong woman won´t let the opinions of others put her down, she will believe in herself no matter what and will continually work on being a better woman, every day braver and kind to others.

Engagement rings with a squared-cut diamond

There are 3 types of square-cut diamonds. Each shape has a slightly different flair, depending on its cutting technique and sparkle:

  • Princess-cut: princess cuts are among the sparkliest of all diamond shapes as their fire and brilliance are similar to that of round diamonds. Characterized by its geometric, sharp shape, this type of diamond cut is a "perfect square" that fits strong, successful, and yet glamorous women who make no compromise!
  • Radiant-cut: radiant-cut diamonds come in a square or rectangular shape. Unlike princess-cut diamonds - that display 4 corners only - radiant cuts have beveled corners. As a result, radiant diamonds offer less of a sharp geometric appearance and more of a soft feel, making them the perfect shape for strong, yet extremely feminine and delicate women.
  • Emerald-cut: characterized by their long lines and step-cut, emerald-cut diamonds are the perfect choice for independent women with an elegant and sophisticated look.

Configure your own Engagement Ring!

At My Diamond Ring, you can configure any of the rings above by choosing your diamond. We offer more than 5000 diamonds in different qualities and price ranges, in order for you to find the diamond that meets your expectations and budget. Our diamonds are all GIA certified and start as low as € 350.

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Which style are you?

If you are not sure whether square-shaped diamonds are the right choice, and if you are wondering which style would fit your partner best, you can take our Ring Style test. In only 7 questions, you will discover which rings your partner may like, based on her living habits and sense of style.