Why do I need a diamond certificate?


When buying a diamond ring, you should always make sure to receive a certificate for your diamond. Here, we'll tell you why.

Every natural diamond is absolutely unique. A certificate is like the identity card of a diamond: It gives exact information about its quality and ensures the ethical origin of the stone.

Ethical origin of the diamond

The ethical origin of diamonds is an important issue. Only if your diamond has a certificate can you be sure that it is NOT a so-called blood diamond. Such diamonds are often mined illegally and under conditions that violate human rights. The profits from the sale of such diamonds are often used to finance war activities of so-called War Lords. The Kimberley Agreement was created to stop the trade in blood diamonds.

Diamonds with a GIA certificate meet the Kimberley requirements in any case and can therefore be bought without hesitation.

Quality of the diamond

The quality of a diamond is graded along different characteristics:

The internationally most commonly used scales for these characteristics were developed by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). The GIA is the internationally most highly respected and reliable institute for assessing the quality of diamonds.

In the best case your diamond should therefore be certified by the GIA. Another trustworthy institute is for example the HRD (High Diamond Council) based in Belgium. With other institutes it can happen that diamonds are attributed to quality levels that they do not correspond to at all in order to achieve a higher price.

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