Why do I need a diamond certificate?


What is a diamond certificate? Why do I need one? Who can issue it? Which diamond certificate is the most recognized?

What is a diamond certificate?

A diamond certificate is a detailed document that lists unique diamond specifications like its color grade, carat weight, cut grade, and clarity grade.

These characteristics also referred to as "the 4Cs" are the most important factors determining the quality and price of a diamond.

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Why do I need a diamond certificate?

If you are reading about diamond certification, you may be contemplating buying one. Buying a diamond without certification is one of the most dangerous mistakes one can make when buying a stone.

If you were to buy a diamond without proper certification, you could in effect be:

  • buying a fake stone;
  • buying a stone which quality - and price - have been drastically inflated;
  • buying a stone whose ethical origin is uncertain.

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Who can issue diamond certificates?

The most important thing about a diamond certificate is where it comes from.

You may have heard of many diamond grading institutes, such as:

  • GIA - The Gemological Institute of America. It is a nonprofit, independent organization regarded as the world´s highest authority in gemology. They introduced the 4Cs grading system as we know it today.
  • HRD - The Hoge Raadvoor Diamant, translated as the "Diamond High Council". It is the European counterpart to the GIA and was established in 1973 in Antwerp.
  • AGS - The American Gem Society

  • IGI - The International Gemological Institute
  • EGL - The European Gemological Laboratory

BUYING TIP: Do not accept any certificate that would be issued by a jeweler or by a seller. Always ask for certification issued from one of the institutes mentioned above.

Which is the best institute for grading diamonds?

The GIA.

It is the most highly regarded institution of the assessment and certification of diamonds and will remain the reference in the diamond grading industry.

The GIA invented the 4Cs and is the only institute to be totally unbiased in its grading process. GIA will always assign a diamond its true carat, weight, color, clarity, and cut grades. This is why we highly recommend that your diamond be GIA certified.

Other institutes may inflate the quality attributes of a diamond - meaning that they will give a stone a higher quality grade to achieve a higher price.

Are My Diamond Ring diamonds GIA certified?


My Diamond Ring works exclusively with GIA certified diamonds to ensure that:

  • you are paying for exactly what you are getting
  • your diamond is ethically in line with the Kimberley Agreement
  • you will make a profit if you ever decide to resell your diamond. Over time, diamonds rise in value. So buying a GIA-certified diamond is always a good investment.

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