Luzern and the search for an engagement ring


The first step to getting engaged in Switzerland's prettiest town

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Jewelers in Luzern

For many, Luzern is the prettiest town of Switzerland. Those who are in search of the suitable engagement ring here faces a large selection of big brand names like Cartier and Bucherer, established jewelers like Embassy Jewel and Christ as well as smaller, traditional businesses like Pfalzer & Co. Besides Innsbruck, also Luzern is site for a MEISTER Trauringe und Schmuck store. In Luzern, the selection of an engagement ring doesn’t begin with diamond and shank, but with the selection of a business type and store!

  • Well-known jewelers like Cartier and Bucherer
  • Established businesses like Meister, Christ and Embassy Jewel
  • Tradition-steeped stores like Pfalzer & Co, Fillner and Stutz