Osnabrück – finding an engagement ring


In Osnabrück, a moderately sized selection of stores for the purchase of an engagement ring can be found

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Jewelers in Osnabrück

Like in Pforzheim, Dornbirn, Graz and more cities, there is an 123gold store. The jeweler chain Christ also has a store here. Further, those searching for the right diamond ring can make a find at the jewelers Kolkmeyer, Köppen, Thünemann, Middelberg and Oerding-Erdel.

  • Moderate selection of chains and individual companies
  • Branches of 123gold and Christ
  • Jewelers Kolkmeyer, Köppen, Thünemann, Middelberg and Oeding-Erdel resident




123gold Trauring-Zentrum

Kolkmeyer – Juweliere und Uhrmacher seit 1884

CHRIST Juweliere und Uhrmacher

Juwelier KÖPPEN

Juwelier Oeding-Erdel GmbH & Co. KG

Juwelier Middelberg

Juwelier Oeding-Erdel GmbH & Co. KG