Engagement ring stores in Vienna


The city on the Danube River has lots of jewelry stores to offer, on top of its pompous Palais and traditional Austrian cuisine.

Why not buying an engagement ring online?

Austria's capital is not only a paradise for opera, theater, and art, but also for jewelry lovers. If, however, you decide to spend your precious time in Vienna's inner city with other things than browsing jewelry stores, one of Vienna's most prestigious jewelry houses has a brilliant alternative for you: My Diamond Ring by Schullin.

My Diamond Ring is an Austrian online shop, based in Vienna, that offers high-quality engagement rings for which you can choose your own diamond, hereby finding a ring that fits your expectations and budget.

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Benefits of buying with us:

  • Made-to-order engagement rings ab € 960
  • Free insured shipping
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee
  • Free resizing
  • Free engraving

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You can benefit from all the online advantages My Diamond Ring offers without needing to configure your ring yourself. You can simply browse our pre-configured engagement rings!

Jewelry stores in Vienna

Those who want to find an engagement ring here have to choose if they want to make their purchase at one of the many local jewelers or internationally known houses: On the one hand, there are the traditional Viennese family businesses Schullin and Wagner, on the other hand, the German jewelers Wempe and Bucherer have stores in the Austrian capital. Furthermore, worldwide renowned companies like Tiffany & Co. and Cartier are resident.

  • Large selection of nationally and internationally known jewelers and jeweler chains
  • Internationally known brands like Tiffany & Co. and Cartier
  • Stores specialized in engagement rings and wedding bands like 123gold Trauring-Zentrum, Verlobungsringe Wien, Trauringlounge