Wearing your engagement ring every day: Is it possible?


The engagement ring is one of, if not the most important gift a woman receives in her lifetime. Newly engaged couples love showing off the sparkly stunner. But is it recommendable to wear the diamond ring every day?

Wearing your engagement ring every day - can you?

The simple answer is: YES!

An engagement ring is not only meant to be worn prior to the wedding but also during the marriage. Since the engagement ring is usually the most expensive piece of jewelry a woman owns, it is too sad for it to stay in the safe!

Of course, depending on how delicate the ring actually is, or on the woman´s lifestyle, it is sometimes safer to wear the engagement ring only on special occasions and wear the wedding band alone instead.

Should I take my engagement ring off to shower?

Ideally, yes.

You should take your ring off when you shower, wash your hands, cook, clean, or do any other activity that may damage your ring or get your ring dirty. Especially if you're wearing your engagement ring every day, tiny bits of products like hair spray, moisturizer, or hand soap may deposit on your ring. The consequence is a less shiny setting and a not-so-sparkly diamond.

Best engagement rings for every day wear

  • Rings with a bezel setting are best to protect the center stone and are ideal for everyday wear or for women with a very active lifestyle.
  • 6 prongs Engagement rings are also better at protecting the center stone than engagement rings set with only 4 prongs.
  • Engagement rings with a "halo" are also ideal for everyday wear. The small diamonds surrounding the main stone actually offer protection to the center diamond.

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Worst engagement rings for every day wear

  • 4 prongs engagement rings - 4 prongs engagement rings are really safe to wear, even every day. That being said, engagement rings with a halo, a bezel setting, or 6 prongs are best for intensive wear.
  • Rings fully adorned with small diamonds on the band - micro pavé diamonds are extremely pretty but can be quite delicate. In case of extensive wear, small diamonds may fall out.

Take care of your ring for every day wear

If you want to wear your ring every day, the best way for you to do it is to take care of it. Not only should you remove your ring on certain occasions (like showering etc), but you should also give it proper maintenance:

  • Get your prongs checked from time to time. Hold your ring close to your ear and tap on it. If you hear a little jingle, it’s time to get your prongs looked at by a jeweler or diamonds may fall out.
  • Keep your ring clean. Hairspray and lotion are your diamond’s worst enemies and can dim its sparkle. Make sure to gently clean your ring here and there.

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Our Lifetime Guarantee

Every engagement ring bought at My Diamond ring comes with a lifetime guarantee which includes:

  • annual prong tightening
  • annual polishing
  • annual rhodium plating and cleaning