Wearing your engagement ring every day: Is it possible?


Why you can be happy about your ring every day.

The engagement ring is one of, if not the most important gift a woman receives in her lifetime. Newly engaged couples love showing off the sparkly stunner. But is it recommendable to wear the diamond ring every day?

Wearing your engagement ring every day

The simple answer is: YES! An engagement ring is not only meant to be worn prior to the wedding, but also during the marriage. Since the ring is meant to be worn for a lifetime, many couples decide to go for top quality. This is by all means definitely the right way to go for a piece of jewelry that’s meant to be worn for a lifetime. Considering that the ring is a once-in-a-lifetime investment also helps many with (re-)defining the budget they set for themselves.

Usually, the rings gifted for engagement are adorned with diamond or other gemstones. Most couples go for settings made of platinum, white, yellow or rosé gold. All of these are absolute high-quality materials. If the piece was mounted appropriately, it certainly is robust. Hence, there’s nothing wrong with wearing one’s beloved engagement ring on a daily basis.

However, all good things want to be taken care of. Therefore, keep these things in mind:

  • Diamonds are the hardest element in the world. Nothing can scratch a diamond apart from another diamond. However, that doesn’t mean a diamond is unbreakable! Since they have cleavage, they can break along a plane in the crystal. This only occurs, though, if they suffer a really hard blow.
  • Get your prongs checked from time to time. Checking on the tiny little arms holding your diamond from time to time is necessary. Hold your ring close to your ear and tap on it. If you hear a little jingle, it’s time to get your prongs looket at.
  • Keep your ring clean. Hairspray and lotion are your diamond’s worst enemies and can dim its sparkle. Make sure to gently clean your ring here and there.