Ring too big in winter


4 ways to fix it!

Due to the warm temperatures in Summer, hands often swell a little. In comparison, the fingers are then a little bit slimmer in Winter. This difference is hardly ever noticed, except one wears a ring on a daily basis: It is possible that a ring which fits just right in Summer suddenly becomes too big in Winter. Consequently, the precious piece of jewelry is more likely to slide off the finger and get lost unnoticedly.

Here is what you can do to solve this!

1. Move it to another finger

If you were wearing your ring - possibly an engagement ring - on your 4th finger, you can move it onto the middle finger, which is usually a bit thicker than the ring finger.

2. Move it to your bigger hand

If you are right-handed and were wearing your ring on your left hand, it is very likely that your right hand will be slightly bigger than your left hand. For cold months, simply switch your ring to your stronger hand.

3. Stack a ring on it!

Especially when talking about engagement rings or wedding bands, the hand and finger bearing the ring have a special significance.

For example, in Germany, the engagement ring is usually worn on the left hand until the wedding. After the wedding ceremony, the engagement ring will be worn on the right hand. This means that depending on the ring´s placement, one should be able to guess whether a woman is already married or simply engaged.

It is therefore understandable that some women don´t want to move the ring to another hand or finger, even if for colder months only.

Another solution is to simply add a tighter ring on top of the now-too-big ring in order to prevent the bigger ring from sliding off the finger.

Here below find some examples of rings that can easily be stacked with any bigger ring.

  • The classics: Eternity rings

These rings are available in 18 Karat white gold, pink gold, or yellow gold.

  • Stackable rings in white gold
  • Stackable rings in pink gold
  • Other rings

Although the models below are not "stackable" per se, they can be a perfect choice, especially if the ring you wish to prevent from sliding is an engagement ring, which typically has a center diamond "bulging" out.

4. Still too big? Resize it...

If the ring is way too big, its size should be adapted.

This does not mean that you must "cut" the ring and solder it back together. Sometimes, simple little platinum or gold beads attached to the ring’s inner side can suffice to make a ring smaller.

WE GUARANTEE: Any ring you buy at My Diamond Ring comes with free resizing.

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