TEST: Is your partner going to propose soon?


10 questions to your answer!

Whether you have been dating for a few months or for years, you may have thought about your future together with your partner. While some couples are straightforward when it comes to getting engaged, others are a bit more old-fashioned and keep their intention hidden until the question gets asked!

If you are wondering whether your partner intends to propose to you, answer the 10 following questions and refer to the table down below to see how many points you have collected!

The more points, the higher the likelihood that your partner will propose!

1. How long have you been with your partner?

  • a. a few months
  • b. 1 to 3 years
  • c. 3 years and more

2. How old are you?

  • a. 18 to 23
  • b. 23 to 27
  • c. 28 and more

3. Do you live with your partner?

  • a. No and we are not discussing it
  • b. Not yet but we want to
  • c. Yes

4. Has your partner been concerned about saving money?

  • a. No, or if so, I haven´t noticed it
  • b. Yes and I wonder why!
  • c. Yes, but I do not think that it is for a ring...

5. Do you and your partner talk about a future together?

  • a. Yes but only vague things
  • b. Yes, we definitely do!
  • c. Not at all

6. Have your and your partner ever gone on holiday with each other´s family?

  • a. No
  • b. Yes but it is rare that we do such things
  • c. Yes and it is very normal for us to spend time with the family

7. Do you occasionally have a Sunday lunch with each other´s family?

  • a. Never
  • b. Yes, but it is rare and boring
  • c. Yes, often!

8. Is your partner talking to your best friend, sister or mom?

  • a. Never, my partner does not get along with them
  • b. They get along so why not!
  • c. Yes I know that they have talked but I don´t know what for!

9. Is your birthday, a holiday or your anniversary coming closer?

  • a. No
  • b. Yes
  • c. No, but I can sense that he is preparing something

10. Have you seen your partner randomly trying out one of your rings or asking you to try on a ring / sneakily checked out your ring size?

  • a. No
  • b. No, but he knows my ring size!
  • c. Yes, he tried out one of my rings "for fun"!

Here are your results!

Test will he propose table
  • If your overall score is below 25

The chances of your partner proposing soon are slim. You might be way too young to marry or have issues with your partner´s family.

  • If your overall score is around 25

The likelihood that you will marry is around 50/50. If there will be a proposal, it probably will not be in the near future.

  • If your overall score is around 30

The chances of your partner proposing is at around 75%! The proposal might be around the corner!

  • If your overall score is 35 or over

The proposal is almost certain and might be coming really soon! Congratulations!

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