A silver diamond ring for engagement


If the lady of your heart mainly wears silver jewelry, the engagement ring should also be silver.

When it comes to choosing the perfect engagement ring for your proposal, it is normal to have many questions buzzing through your head. "Diamonds are a girl's best friend" - that is for certain.

But what material should the ring setting be? If your significant other tends to wear a lot of silver jewellery, then a silver engagement ring will be the perfect fit. What many do not know: Not everything that shines is silver.

In this article, we will tackle the most important questions related to ring setting and material and clarify the difference between “real” silver and white gold, which is also silver-coloured. Moreover, we will advise you on the choice of style and diamond cut and give you tips on how to achieve the best value for money for your engagement ring - whether silver, gold or rose gold.

For this purpose, we have compiled a few simple rules that you can use as a guide.

By the way, you can find even more helpful tips in our ultimate engagement ring guide.

Rule #1: Don't get upset!

If you want to gift your significant other a silver ring, do not get discouraged by the fact that you can not select “silver” for the ring setting material. Traditionally, white gold is used instead of silver for engagement rings. White gold looks astonishingly similar to silver, but it has some distinct advantages over the comparatively inexpensive 925 sterling silver that is most commonly used for jewellery:

Unlike silver, white gold is much more durable and of higher quality. White gold rings do not oxidize, which means they do not tarnish or discolour.

  • White gold is less susceptible to scratches and abrasion than silver.
  • White gold rings are well-suited for laser engraving; silver is too soft for this purpose.
  • White gold rings are usually more robust than silver rings, nevertheless ring size can still be changed afterwards.
  • Diamonds and brilliant-cut diamonds look particularly impressive when set in white gold.

If you are not yet set on gifting a silver engagement ring, you can choose between two more options for the material of the ring setting:

  • 18K yellow gold setting
  • 18K rose gold setting

Either way, when choosing your engagement ring, our advice is to start with the basics. This means, before you start thinking about the size of the diamond, the carat weight, the diamond cut, etc., you should first decide on the material for the ring setting.

The classic gold or silver ring or perhaps a copper-coloured piece of jewellery from rose gold.

What jewellery your significant other wears in everyday life/on the daily, gives you a great indication of what style of engagement ring your partner/they might like. Does your significant other prefer rather simple, classic pieces of jewellery? Does your partner like their jewellery to be timelessly elegant, or avant-garde and extravagant? Does your partner like precious stones and diamonds? Which precious metal dominates her jewellery box: yellow gold, white gold, silver, red gold or rose gold?

At My Diamond Ring, we specialize in these questions and offer you a free systematic style consultation free of charge as part of our customer service.

In addition to a personality test, which provides information on what your partners preferences are, you also have the opportunity to receive individual advice from a personal shopper - without obligation and free of charge. You can find more information here.

Once you have decided on the basics, you can direct your attention to the diamond selection.

Rule #2: Love has no price – try configuring instead of compromising!

For a huge milestone such as an engagement, you want to find the perfect ring for your bride-to-be; after all, just like the wedding band, the engagement ring is meant to last forever.

With that in mind, a classic solitaire ring with a high-carat diamond, or a brightly-sparkling diamond ring makes most women’s hearts beat faster.

Even though you cannot put a price on love, surely you have a certain budget in mind regarding your engagement ring.

With the help of our ring configuration tool, you can create a personalized diamond ring. You determine its style, i.e. cut and setting, and select the stone yourself. This requires only three simple steps.

This gives you the opportunity to customize your jewellery to best suit your (personal) needs and budget. For example, if a large diamond is a priority for you, you can optimize your diamond ring in the configuration tool to that effect.

Tips for choosing/selecting the perfect diamond can be found here.

Additionally, we offer free and non-binding consultation with our experts.

Rule #3: Do not take short cuts when it comes to the style of cut: Do not try to save on the style of cut

One of the four most important quality characteristics of a diamond besides carat, clarity and colour is its cut.

The shape and quality of the cut significantly determines the brilliance of the diamond, that is, how much the gemstone sparkles when the light refracts and reflects inside the facets.

At My Diamond Ring, you can choose between six different styles of cut/cut styles/cuts:

  • Round: the extremely popular classic, for those who like it timeless.
  • Oval: the elongated alternative to the classic round cut.
  • Emerald: this noble cut trumps with highest elegance and subtle radiance.
  • Radiant: this angular cut impresses with high brilliance and strong sparkle.
  • Princess: this multifaceted cut even sparkles over impurities in the interior.
  • Drop: this glamorous cut glitters conspicuously and visually lengthens its wearer’s fingers.

More details about cutting diamonds and different cut styles can be found here.

Rule #4: Get personal:

Your diamond ring will feel even more personal and special if you have it engraved with a custom engraving of your choice. You can, for example, have your partner’s name or initials engraved, the date you met, a special pet name you have for each other or a secret love message that only the two of you will understand. Keep in mind, however, that the number of characters is limited. More than twenty characters cannot be accommodated in a ring.

By the way, engraving is free of charge at My Diamond Ring.