Buying guide: choosing the right gold color for your engagement ring


White, Rose or Yellow Gold? How to decide what color gold to pick for your perfect ring.

Gold engagement rings are forever favorites. But gold is often mistaken for always being yellow! It is not. This article will answer the most frequently asked questions around the gold topic and assist you in finding out the best gold color for your engagement ring.

What is the difference between 24k gold, 18k gold, 14k gold and 10k gold?

When extracted from the earth, gold is relatively soft (2,5 Mohs on the scale of hardness vs 10 for a diamond). In its pure form, gold is too soft to hold stones in place. Gold must therefore be mixed with other metals like silver or copper to lend strength and durability. The percentage of metal alloys added to gold will determine its purity:

  • 24 karat gold (100% gold)
  • 18 karat gold (75% gold)
  • 14 karat gold (58% gold)
  • 10 karat gold (42% gold)

Is 14k or 18k better for an engagement ring?

14k gold is a popular choice in the United States while the European market prefers working with 18k gold, known for its higher gold percentage. We, at My Diamond Ring, work exclusively with 18k to offer you:

  • As pure gold as possible (75% gold)
  • The most beautiful gold shades and luster
  • Durability and strength to hold your diamond(s) in place

How many shades of gold are there?

There are a total of 9 different shades of gold. Depending on the type and percentage of the metal alloys added to pure gold, gold can be:

  • Yellow gold
  • White gold
  • Pink gold
  • Green gold
  • Grey gold
  • Black gold
  • Blue gold
  • Purple gold
  • Red gold

Which gold colours are the most commonly used for engagement rings?

Yellow, white and pink gold are most commonly used for jewelry, and for engagement rings in particular. This is why we, at My Diamond Ring, offer all three colors in 18k gold.

Which gold colour is most expensive?

White gold usually is slightly more expensive than yellow gold or pink gold. We, at My Diamond Ring, sell all gold colors at the same price.

Which gold color for my skin tone?

  • Warm skin tones:

You may have a warm skin tone if you tan easily and rarely get burns, have brown, green, or hazel eyes, and brown, red, or black hair.

For warm skin tones, warm colors look best. Hence, yellow gold or pink gold are usually the go-to gold colors.

  • Cool skin tones:

You may have a cool skin tone if you struggle to tan and your skin easily gets burnt and if you have blue or green eyes and blonde, brown or black hair.

In this case, cool colors look best and white gold is definitely the best choice to compliment your skin tone.

  • Neutral skin tones:

Neutral skin tones are the lucky ones! All gold colors look good on their skin and it is really only up to your personal preference which gold color to choose

If you are not sure what your / your partner´s skin color is, choose the most popular color for engagement rings: white gold.

Which gold color for my diamond?

Consider the quality of your diamond (and mostly its color grade!) when choosing the gold shade of your ring.

  • White gold is a good choice for diamonds graded in the colourless to near-colourless ranges (D through I on the GIA colour scale). It will highlight the diamond´s colourlessness.
  • Yellow or pink gold are a great choice if your diamond has a slight yellow tint (i.e. with a colour grade below G, H or I). In fact, yellow or pink gold will make your diamond appear whiter than it is in contrast.

Configure your own engagement ring

At My Diamond Ring, you can configure your ring by choosing not only your gold color but also the center diamond! We offer more than 5000 diamonds in different qualities and price ranges, in order for you to find the diamond that meets your expectations and budget. Our diamonds are all GIA certified and start as low as € 350.

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