A guide to gold color


White, Rose or Yellow Gold? How to decide what color gold to pick?

Finding the right shade of gold for an engagement ring is just as important as the diamond it will hold. Our Gold Guide will help you discover what factors come into play when picking the right shade of gold for your ring.

Gold Shades

Choosing the gold-tone has become a more complex decision than it used to be. Where it once was a simple choice, yellow gold, you now have more possibilities to consider. Gold can be yellow, white or pink:

Yellow gold: Classic and fashionable, yellow gold enchants because of its warm color, timelessness and luster. Yellow gold has widely regained popularity and is currently among the most popular choices of our customers.

White gold: Contemporary and sleek, white gold is an international favorite and makes for a polished and modern look. White gold gets its silvery white character from combining yellow gold with copper, zinc and nickel (or palladium) and is plated with rhodium which gives it a reflective appearance.

Pink gold: Romantic and unique, pink gold, also called rose or rosé gold, has a warm and soothing appearance. It is particularly popular for its dreamy hue which is created by combining yellow gold with copper alloy. It was a very popular choice for engagement rings in the Retro Era (1935-1950’s) and has made a big comeback in the last years.

Gold Purities

Gold is one of the most common choices for jewelry due to it’s versatility. Because pure gold, also called 24 karat gold, is too soft to hold stones in place if used pure, it is made up with other metals like silver and copper to lend strength and durability. The percentage and type of metal alloys determines the shade, color and gold purity: 10k (contains 42% gold), 14k (58%), 18k (75%) and 24k (100%).

To offer you the most beautiful gold shades & luster, as well as durability, we, At My Diamond Ring, we work exclusively with 18k, to offer you:

  • As pure as gold as possible (75% pure gold)
  • The most beautiful gold shades & luster
  • Durability and strength
  • All our gold colors have the same price

Picking that right shade

Some final things to consider when choosing the right shade with the right diamond:

  1. Think about her day-to-day jewelry style and pick up the gold color that she wears most
  2. Picture your future wedding bands and think about what color gold your would like them to be
  3. Consider her skin tone - Does she have a cool, warm or neutral glow? Cooler skin tones look best in white gold, while warmer skin tones look best in yellow. Neutral skin tones look good in all shades. And, when uncertain, pink gold complements any skin tone.
  4. Consider the quality of the diamond when choosing a shade of gold:
    1. White gold is a good choice for diamonds graded in the colorless to near-colorless ranges (D through I on the GIA color scale) - since it highlights the diamond’s colorlessness.
    2. Yellow or pink gold are a great choice if your diamond color is below G,H,I. If your diamond is slightly on the yellow side, a yellow or pink gold ring will make the diamond appear whiter than it is!