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Remember the basics: the 4Cs

You may have heard about the 4Cs:

  • Carat: determines the weight - or size - of a diamond.
  • Color: determines how white a diamond is.
  • Clarity: determines how "pure" a diamond looks like. If inclusions (i.e. "stains") are visible, then the clarity is low.
  • Cut: defines how well a diamond has been cut into its final shape.

Together, the 4Cs define the quality - and therefore the price - of a diamond. The higher the quality, the higher the price.

At My Diamond Ring, you can choose your own diamond, and select the 4Cs that meet your expectations and budget.

Here below, we have listed all the diamond buying tutorials you may need to choose your diamond.

Diamond buying tutorials for round diamonds

Diamond buying tutorial for other diamond shapes

Diamonds that are not round are called "fancy shapes". Each shape has its own specificities, which is why fancy diamonds deserve their own buying guide. At My Diamond Ring, we sell 5 fancy diamonds:

  • Oval
  • Radiant-cut
  • Princess-cut
  • Emerald-cut
  • and Pear-shaped

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View our recommended diamonds

If searching for a diamond yourself is too daunting of a task, you should choose one of our recommended diamonds. Each day, we select a total of 12 diamonds for each diamond shape, subdivided into 3 categories:

  1. most popular
  2. best quality
  3. value for money

Our recommended diamonds are displayed at the top of the page, in a light blue banner.


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