TUTORIAL: How to get the biggest diamond for your budget?


And without sacrificing the quality!

Everyone has an approximate budget in mind for that special ring!

The ring setting you choose is decisive for how much budget is left for your diamond. Discover our range of settings here - with designs starting at €850.

Once you know how much budget remains for the diamond, it is important to decide what your priorities are, when it comes to picking a stone.

A diamond's price and quality are determined by the 4Cs: Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat.

If carat (and hence the diamond's size) is your priority, it means that you might have to compromise on the other 3Cs to stay in line with your budget.

This tutorial will show you how to get the biggest size you can get without compromising too much on the other 3Cs!

Step 1: set your desired budget range

Example: 1.000 – 2.000 euros

Step 2: select the biggest carat size in the filter and diminish the carat size until you find diamonds available for that price range

Example: here diamonds started becoming available at 0.75 ct.

Note: the diamonds actually displayed will range from 0.70 ct to 0.80 ct, 0.75 ct being the middle measurement.

Tip: 0.70 ct or 0.80 ct diamonds will look basically the same! Do not bother going for a 0.80 ct even if it theoretically is the biggest size you can get. The quality (in terms of cut, clarity and color) would suffer too much from it.

Step 3: try to maximize the other 3Cs: clarity, color and cut

  • Cut

All of our diamonds have an excellent, very good or good cut grade, which will be enough for your diamond to sparkle! You can always double check the cut grade by opening up the GIA certificate of the diamond you are considering, but we suggest focusing mostly on the two remaining Cs: color and clarity.

  • Color or clarity?

It is now time to ask yourself whether your priority is to get the whitest diamond possible or the purest looking diamond. To help you answer that question, ask yourself which diamond looks best:

placeholder - schullin

→ For best color: select the highest color grade (D, E, F) in the color filter

All the stones displayed will be in your price range, have the biggest size you can afford, and be extremely white.

But note that the clarity grade will be impacted. Your diamond will most likely have an “SI” (slightly included) or “I” (included) grade and show visible inclusions. Go for the least included diamond you can find - “SI” being better than an “I” diamond.

Note: downgrade the color grade in case no diamonds show

→ WE RECOMMEND: For a balance between color and clarity: select “G,H” or “I,J” in the color filter, and “VVS” or “VS” in the clarity filter

In this scenario, you are not trying to get the whitest diamond or the purest diamond. Instead, you want to get the best overall quality you can get.

G,H or I,J color diamonds are near colorless, meaning that they will look perfectly white to the naked eye.

VVS or VS clarity diamonds have such small inclusions that they will look perfectly pure to the nake eye.

Only a diamond expert and a 10x magnification loupe will be able to tell the difference!