Diamond buying guide - Find the biggest diamond for your budget


A step by step tutorial, for those who believe that "the bigger, the better!"

Everyone has an approximate budget in mind for that special ring!

If you know that your priority is getting your partner the biggest possible diamond, then please note that you may have to compromise slightly on the diamond´s color and/or clarity.

Note: How to read a diamond card?

Before getting started, please familiarize yourself with our diamond cards. They display the stone´s most important information: Carat, Color, Clarity.

Diamond card biggest diamond
  • 0.91 CT - refers to the carat weight of the diamond. The higher the carat weight, the bigger the stone. If you wish to get the biggest possible diamond, then you want to have the highest carat weight.
  • K - color grade
  • I1 - clarity grade

Note: the cut grade is not indicated in our diamond cards but most of our diamonds have an excellent cut grade. You can always open the GIA diamond certificate of each diamond to double-check its cut grade.

1. Step 1: Set your desired budget range

Example: 1.000 – 2.000 euros

2. Step 2: sort your diamonds by "Biggest Diamonds First"

In our example, for this price range, the biggest diamonds have a 0.90 ct weight. Select any of the 0.90 ct diamonds and finish your ring!

Note: the biggest diamonds may also have a lower color grade and/or a lower clarity grade. In other words, the diamonds showing first may have a yellowish tint and/or visible inclusions.

If you wish to ensure that your diamond has a right balance between size and quality, then continue to step 3.

3. Step 3 - optional: find a balance between size and quality

Select "G,H" or "I,J" in the color filter, and "VVS" or "VS" in the clarity filter.

  • G,H or I,J color diamonds are near colorless, meaning that they will look perfectly white to the naked eye.
  • VVS or VS clarity diamonds have such small inclusions that they will look perfectly pure to the naked eye. Only a 10x magnification could reveal the presence of such inclusions.

By adjusting the filter as such, the biggest diamonds showing first will be smaller than the ones shown on step 2 but they will be more pleasant to the eye!

Still too small? We can help!

Get expert assistance! Write us at office@mydiamondring.com to let us know what your requirements are and we will come back to you shortly with suggested diamonds!

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