Diamond buying guide - Find out the best value-for-money diamond


An easy step by step tutorial to maximize your budget

Everyone has an approximate budget in mind for that special ring!

This tutorial will guide anyone in search of a diamond white enough to please the eye, pure enough to sparkle, and big enough to make her smile... at an affordable price.

Note: How to read a diamond card?

Before getting started, please familiarize yourself with our diamond cards. They display the stone´s most important information: Carat, Color, Clarity.

Diamond card best value for money
  • 0.50 CT - refers to the carat weight of the diamond. The higher the carat weight, the bigger the stone.
  • J - color grade
  • VS2 - clarity grade

1. Step 1: Set your desired budget range

Example: 1.000 – 2.000 euros

2. Step 2: find the quality that will maximize your budget!

A diamond´s price is determined by its 4Cs: carat, color, clarity and cut.

Carat refers to the weight (or size) of a diamond while the other 3Cs have to do with its quality.

Choose the recommended quality attributes below to maximize your budget.

  • Color: select "I,J" in the filter

Diamond color grades start with the letter D. The closer to D, the whiter the stone, and the more expensive it is.

Diamonds with an I or J color grade are "near colorless". Their very slight yellow tint is barely noticeable to the naked eye.

Expert tip: To make your diamond appear whiter, select pink gold or yellow gold for your ring. The color contrast will trick the eye into believing that your diamond is much whiter than it is!

  • Clarity: select "VS" or "SI" in the filter

The clarity determines how pure a diamond actually looks like. The more "stains" appear on a diamond, the lower the clarity grade.

To maximize your budget, there is no need to go for the top of the scale. However, depending on the diamond´s carat weight (or size), make sure to select the "right" clarity grade:

For diamonds below 1 carat - Si1 or better is sufficient! SI stands for "slightly included", meaning that the tiny flaws are almost impossible to see with the naked eye.

For diamonds larger than 1 carat - Select VS2 or higher. An Si clarity is not recommended as the diamond´s flaws would be more noticeable for this size.

  • Cut: open the GIA certificate

Make sure to open the certificate of the stone you are interested in. Double-check that it has at least a "Good" cut grade. We recommend staying away from "Fair" or "Poor" graded diamonds or the sparkle would be too impacted.

3. Step 3 - sort stones according to size

After having completed step 1 and 2, a list of diamonds will appear.

Sort out these stones by "Biggest Diamonds First" and choose whatever you feel comfortable with!

You haven´t found what you are looking for? We can help!

Get expert assistance! Write us at office@mydiamondring.com to let us know what your requirements are and we will come back to you shortly with suggested diamonds!

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