Eternity Ring as Engagement Ring?


Can an eternity ring be given as an engagement ring?

What is the difference between an Eternity Ring and an Engagement Ring?

  • An "Eternity" ring, also called "Memory" or "Infinity" ring, is a gold band, fully set with same-sized diamonds all around the band. It symbolizes love and commitment and can be given on numerous occasions.

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  • An engagement ring is typically known to have a center stone as a focal point. The center diamond is either left alone (in which case, the ring is called a "Solitaire"), or is surrounded by smaller diamonds, directly onto the band or around the diamond itself.

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Is an Eternity Ring the right alternative to the traditional Engagement-looking ring?

If you are looking for something non-traditional but still special for your partner, an Eternity ring may be the right alternative. But there are a couple of factors you should consider:

  • make sure your partner is not expecting a traditional-looking engagement ring!

This is probably the most important point. You need to make sure that the engagement ring you are buying matches your partner´s wishes. After all, she will be the one wearing it forever! If she has been dreaming of a classic Solitaire, then an Eternity ring will not be the right engagement ring choice for her.

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  • understand that it may not be cheaper

Eternity rings are not extremely affordable because of the number of diamonds they bear. Fully-adorned diamond Eternity rings by My Diamond Ring range from € 2,516, all the way to € 5,348.

Sometimes, opting for a "traditional-looking" engagement ring can be way more cost-effective.

At My Diamond Ring, you can configure your own engagement ring by choosing the center diamond, in the quality and size that fits your budget and expectations. Our diamonds are natural, GIA certified and start at only € 350.

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If you like the simplicity and elegance that Eternity rings offer, you may also like the engagement rings below:

What are the other alternatives to traditional-looking engagement ring?

If the usual diamond engagement rings are too traditional for you and that Eternity rings are either too expensive or too plain, you could consider colored-stones engagement rings!