Memory Rings


What is a memory ring and when is it bought?

What is a memory ring?

Memory or also Memoire rings are continuously set with diamonds. Either on the entire surface or the visible surface, sparkling diamonds, mostly round cut, are strung together.

Memory rings are symbolic of the memory of special experiences. The design was born out of the idea of manifesting special occasions with a diamond - until the memory ring is completely set.

How to wear a memory ring

Memory rings as a present & in everyday life

Their timeless, classic look makes memory rings luxurious companions that can be worn every day. Their symbolic significance makes them a particularly beautiful gift for anniversaries.

Memory ring as engagement ring

As an alternative to classic engagement rings, which usually only wear one diamond (so-called solitaire rings), memory rings are very popular.

Difference: Memory ring and diamond pavé

Classic pavé diamond rings differ from memory rings in that they have a so-called center stone that is significantly larger than the diamonds set in the shank. The diamonds that are lined up together in memory rings are usually the same size.

Memory ring as wedding ring

Especially women often choose a memory ring design as a wedding ring. Above all in combination with classic or minimalist engagement rings, the over and over diamond-set rings look especially beautiful.

Memoryring as a stacking ring

In general, memory rings are excellent for combining with other rings – and one of 3 ways to add even more glamour to rings.

Memory ring designs

Four different versions of the classic memory ring are available at My Diamond Ring: the Infini, Éternité and Éclat designs are set with diamonds all around and can be chosen in white, yellow and rose gold. In addition, free engraving is included with these rings. The delicate Finesse ring from the Fine Jewelry collection is set with diamonds on the upper side and is available in white gold.

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placeholder - schullin

The design Éclat, set with round diamonds (G/SI) at a total of approx. 2.28 ct. The individual diamonds weigh about 0.12 ct. each. Width of the ring: 3.5 mm. Available in white, yellow and pink gold and on request a personal engraving.

The Éternite memory ring is slightly narrower at 2.6 mm. It carries diamonds (G/SI) at 0.05 ct each and a total of approx. 1.20 ct. It can also be personalised in gold colour and with the engraving of your choice.

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placeholder - schullin

The delicate 2.1 mm memory ring Infini is set with diamonds (G/SI) at 0.03 ct each and a total of about 0.81 ct.

Even more delicate is the sparkling ring Finesse, which is set with fine diamonds on the upper side. It is 1.8 mm wide and decorated with a total of 0.20 ct diamonds (G/SI).

Free, insured premium shipping is included with all rings. You also receive a 30-day return and exchange right for your order. A one-time change of the size is included!

Turn your milestone into a diamond

There is nothing more beautiful to manifest a personal milestone than a personalized gift. Just as engagement rings stand for a lifelong promise, memory rings stand for the very special moments of life and are perfect for keeping the shining memory in mind and on hand every day!

Personalized rings by My Diamond Ring

With the ring configurator of My Diamond Ring you can create your own personal diamond ring, tailor-made for you: In the first step, select a setting and then add a diamond. In the last step you can specify a personal engraving and the desired size in which your ring should be made. (Tutorial: Personalize diamond ring in 3 steps)

Fine Jewelry by My Diamond Ring

In the Fine Jewelry collection you will find sparkling diamond jewelry for every occasion - perfect as a gift, especially for yourself.

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