Best Anniversary presents


Top best anniversary gifts to make her smile

An Eternity ring as a wedding anniversary gift

An Eternity ring is a gold band set with identically cut diamonds all around. The continuous diamond loop symbolizes eternal, unbroken love, making it the perfect wedding anniversary gift. It is the ideal way for the partner to renew his/her vows to his/her spouse. The eternity ring can be easily stacked with the wedding band and the engagement ring.

  • placeholder - schullin


    from € 2,516
  • placeholder - schullin


    from € 3,473
  • placeholder - schullin


    from € 5,348
  • A classic jewelry piece as a wedding anniversary gift

    Anniversary presents do not need to be expensive. For some, a nice dinner or a couple of roses would suffice. However, if you wish to mark your anniversary with something truly special, a classic piece of jewelry is the perfect gift and will be loved for the many years to come.

  • Stardust stud

    Stardust | stud

    € 290
  • Circuit stud

    Circuit | stud

    € 340
  • Pluie stud

    Pluie | stud

    € 340
  • Pluie collier

    Pluie | collier

    € 280
  • Tondo stud

    Tondo | stud

    € 290
  • Tondo collier

    Tondo | collier

    € 240
  • Eclipse ear

    Eclipse | creole

    € 390
  • Onda collier

    Onda | collier

    € 490
  • Baguette collier

    Baguette | collier

    € 490
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