Round diamond cuts: A comparison


Old cuts vs Modern brilliant cut

What is the "cut"?

The word "cut" can be quite confusing at first because of its multiple uses in diamond terminology. In fact, the word "cut" is used for three different purposes, all of which refer to a very distinct concept:

  • the cut is a shape - When extracted from the earth, diamonds merely look like glass pebbles. Diamond cutters will decide on the shape the diamond will be cut into, in order to maximize their carat weight, quality and value. There are numerous shapes a diamond can be turned into, round being only one of them.

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  • the cut is a cutting grade - Depending on how well a diamond was cut into its final shape, diamond grading institutes (such as GIA) give each stone a cut grade: from "excellent" to "poor". The higher the cut grade, the higher the price.

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  • the cut is a type of cutting technique - Diamond cutting and polishing started as early as the 14th century and led to the development of various types of "cuts": from Antique Diamond Cuts to the renowned "Modern Brilliant Cut".

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What are Antique Diamond Cuts?

Antique-cut diamonds were mined and cut anywhere between the 1300s and the 1930s. Their most distinctive trait is that they are not as sparkly as most modern cut stones but offer a beautiful and romantic feel.

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Types of Antique Diamond Cuts

There are multiple types of antique diamond cuts. Below are the most common ones:

  • Single Cut: Also known are "Eight cuts", this round diamond cut is characterized by its octagonal shape and its simple, elegant design composed of only few facets.
  • Rose-cut: This round diamond cut dates back to the 1500s and is known as the rose cut because its shape resembles that of a rose bud´s bloom.
  • Old European cut: This round diamond cut dates back to the 1800s. It looks quite similar to a modern round brilliant cut but is cut less precisely and is, as a result, more organic in shape.

Modern Round Brilliant Cut

The Modern Round Brilliant was developed by Marcel Tolkowsky in 1919. It is the most popular type of diamond because it has the ideal facet pattern: with 58 facets, it achieves the most amount of sparkle, also referred to as "brilliance" and "fire".

Which round diamonds are sold at

All the round diamonds sold by My Diamond Ring are GIA-certified Modern Round Brilliants, but we sell no Antique diamonds.

We are a family business specialized in made-to-measure engagement rings for which you can choose your own diamond. This allows you to find a stone that meets all your expectations in terms of quality AND price.

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Where can I buy Antique diamonds?

If you are looking for Antique stones or vintage engagement rings, there are great jewelry stores out there. But be careful:Just because antique diamonds were cut hundreds of years ago does not mean that they do not come with a legitimate certification. Make sure to always buy a ring whose diamond is certified by a trustworthy independent certification institute such as GIA.

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