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Diamond Shapes


Popular diamond cuts

The quality of a diamond's cut is crucial for its brilliance. But even before taking a look at the so-called cut grade, you need to decide what shape you want to go for.

Here, you can get an overview on all the diamond shapes available at My Diamond Ring. Click on one of the cuts to see a more detailed description and the rings featuring such a diamond.

  • Round-cut diamonds are the most classic and popular choice.
  • Oval diamonds are, with their elongated shape, a popular alternative to the classic round cut.
  • Emerald-cut diamonds impress with timeless elegance.
  • Radiant-cut diamonds have an edgy shape and enchant with extraordinary brilliance.
  • Princess-cut stones also have an edgy shape and differ from radiants in the arrangement of their facets.
  • Pear-cut diamonds belong to the classics when it comes to engagement rings.