Which diamond shape has the most sparkle?


The sparkle is one of the most sought after attributes in a diamond!

What makes a diamond sparkle?

A diamond sparkles because of how light is entering the diamond and reflected back out. The more light a diamond reflects from its facets, the sparklier it will look.

This is why diamonds are cut into shapes that have numerous facets. Think of a facet like a mirror, which reflects light from one part of the diamond to another. Light bounces then back out of the diamond, creating a beautiful sparkle.

The term “sparkle” is actually referred to in the diamond world as “brilliance” and “fire”.

  • “Brilliance” - refers to the diamond´s ability to reflect white light. The more white light a diamond can reflect, the more brilliant it is. This is what makes a diamond look impressive.
  • “Fire” - refers to the diamond´s ability to disperse colored light. You may have noticed that diamonds also show colors: from red to orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet - like a rainbow. A diamond with a great fire will have a unique beauty.

Which diamond shape sparkles the most?

From the sparkliest to the diamond shape offering the least amount of fire and brilliance:

  • Round brilliant diamonds sparkle the most

Its 58 facets have been designed and engineered specifically to have the strongest possible sparkle.

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  • Fancy shaped diamonds (i.e. oval, pear, princess, and radiant)

These shapes are well known for their sparkle. They offer a similar level of brilliance and fire but cost less than round diamonds.

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  • Emerald cut diamonds

An emerald-cut diamond is also a fancy shape. But unlike the others, it sparkles the least. Due to its design and its step-cut facet pattern, this shape is generally not as bright and sparkly as the other shapes. Nevertheless, emerald-cut diamonds are known to be one of the most elegant and sophisticated cuts in the world.

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