Round Brilliant-Cut Diamond Engagement Rings


Round diamonds are the most popular shape for engagement rings!

What is a Round brilliant-cut diamond?

Diamonds can be cut in all sorts of shapes, round being one of them. Even round diamonds can be cut in multiple ways. The modern cut, called "brilliant-cut", was developed in the 1900s and displays 58 facets, thus maximizing brilliance and fire, more commonly known as sparkle!

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Are round diamonds more expensive?

Yes and no.

Round diamonds are the most expensive diamond shape because:

  • it is the most required shape: extremely popular, about 85% of engagement rings bought are round, driving round diamond´s prices up.
  • round diamonds lose the most rough: To give a diamond its final shape, diamond cutters need to cut the rough stone and create facets. For round diamonds, a lot of the rough diamond needs to be cut away, thus driving the price per carat of round diamonds up.

Round diamonds are expensive but you can play with a round diamond´s quality (and price!) a lot more than you can do for oval or emerald-cut diamonds.

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Engagement Rings with Round Brilliant-Cut Diamonds

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