Which diamond shape looks the biggest?


And which looks the smallest….

Round diamonds are the most popular and sought-after shape. However, this does not mean that they look the biggest!

Elongated diamond shapes look bigger

When we look at a diamond, the eye tends to measure it from the top to the bottom, meaning that elongated shapes always appear a lot larger than they are! Elongated diamonds are:

  • Oval diamonds
  • Emerald-cut diamonds
  • Radiant-cut diamonds in a rectangular shape (i.e. with a ratio between 1.30 and 1.50)

VIEW: Engagement rings with an Oval diamond

VIEW: Engagement rings with an Emerald diamond

Square shaped diamonds look the smallest

There are 2 types of square-shaped diamonds:

  • Radiant-cut diamonds with a ratio between 1.00 and 1.05
  • Princess- cut diamonds

VIEW: Engagement rings with Radiant-cut diamonds

VIEW: Princess-cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Note: square-shaped diamonds are ideal for long fingers but we recommend staying away from this shape if you have short fingers. You can learn more about which shape fits your hand best!

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