Comparison: Buying a diamond ring online vs. offline


Pros and cons: Should I choose my engagement ring at a brick-and-mortar jeweler or on the Internet? The advantages and disadvantages of buying a ring in a shop vs. online summarized.

Especially on the occasion of an engagement the purchase of a diamond ring is an exciting affair!

At the beginning of the search for the perfect ring there is often the question: Should I go to a traditional jeweller - or look for the perfect design online? Both options have their advantages and disadvantages. In order to make the right decision, it is worthwhile to inform yourself in advance.

In general, the three aspects you should focus on are

  • The ring itself: Design and diamond
  • The buying conditions: Guarantee, certificates and right of return
  • The price and the price/performance ratio

These key factors can help you decide between online and local jewelers.

Viewing the ring


  • Advantage: At your local jeweller's you can view and compare the diamond rings in stock. (Tip: Watch the diamonds sparkle in daylight!)
  • Disadvantage: You can only view the diamond rings in stock and therefore have limited comparison possibilities.


  • Advantage: Sophisticated product views make it possible to simulate a ring not only from all sides, but also in different gold colours and with different sized diamonds. (Try it out)
  • Advantage: The fact that the diamond rings do not have to be purchased and stored in advance makes it possible for online retailers to offer a wider selection of designs.
  • Disadvantage: You cannot see the desired diamond ring in the flesh before you buy it. (Tip: Some online retailers offer to send you a free 3D-printed model in advance.Contact us)


Every diamond is unique – no two gems are alike. This makes each diamond ring unique from the start. All the better if you can also personalise the ring yourself.

Many jewelers offer engravings, with which a diamond ring can be given the final personal touch.

In online shops it is possible to make a ring into a custom-made unique piece from the design to the - self-chosen - diamond and engraving.

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Selection options

The purchase and storage of diamond rings are expensive. Therefore, local jewelers have a limited selection of rings available.

It is different in online trading: Mostly the rings ordered here are custom-made after the order with the selected diamond and in the desired ring size. This makes it possible for online shops to offer a much larger selection of designs.

The price

Often the price/performance ratio is the decisive factor in the decision for an online shop. In comparison with local jewelers and world-famous brands, online jewelers do far better here.


  • With world-famous brands you pay a large part of the price for - the brand.
  • In general, local jewellers reflect high storage and insurance costs in their prices.


  • With My Diamond Ring you first choose a ring and then the matching diamond. Our website is directly linked to the diamond exchange - the selection of over 5000 GIA certified diamonds is not in our inventory.
  • Only when a customer selects a diamond is it purchased by us. This enables us to offer you the largest possible range of certified diamonds.
  • Through lower storage costs it is possible to offer better prices for the diamond itself.

The price transparency

Price transparency in this case means knowing exactly what you are paying the price of a diamond ring for: Which part is for the ring itself - and which for the diamond?

With finished rings, where the diamond is already set in the ring, this information is often difficult to access. The situation is different with rings that can be configured online: Since the ring is selected first and the diamond in the second step, it is easy to see how much each component costs.

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Return and exchange

In the local shop it is not always possible to exchange or return a diamond ring. This situation is not ideal, as it often happens that the ring does not please its future wearer.

Tip: Always inform yourself about return and exchange options before buying!

All online retailers are legally obliged to a two-week return period. In addition, My Diamond Ring guarantees you a 30-day right of exchange and return - even for personalized or engraved rings.

Change of ring size

With or without the help of the future wearer, the ring size can be measured quite easily. (This is how it works) Nevertheless, errors can happen when determining the ring width. But don't worry: For almost all rings the size can be changed afterwards!

Tip: Find out in advance whether a ring width change is included in the purchase price.

How much and if it costs anything to change the ring width depends on the jeweller you trust. With My Diamond Ring the subsequent change of ring width is included.


Especially for the engagement a diamond ring is - in several senses - a not insignificant investment. In order to make the purchase with a good feeling, you need to be sure where your money is going.

That is why many people feel more secure about buying from a local jeweller or a well-known brand. However, there are also some features in online retailing that guarantee the safety of your purchase:

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Conclusion: Buy diamond ring online or in the shop on site?

Where you'd like to purchase your diamond ring is, naturally, fully up to you: Where do you feel best about buying? Which store offers the design of your dreams – and the price that doesn't exceed your budget?

Both brick-and-mortar and online stores both offer relevant advantages and disadvantages. Which option fits you best depends on your personal preferences!

In case you decide to buy online, our customer service here at My Diamond Ring is happy to help you out regarding all questions – from initial orientation to final questions on which diamond to get. You may also contact us to get a non-binding offer according to your personal requests and budget.

Reach out now via email, chat (via click on the icon) or phone!

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