Orientation guideline: How much does a diamond ring cost?


Often, the finding the right budget is the starting of searching for a diamond ring. But how much do diamond rings actually cost? And how much do I get for my budget?

What does the price of a diamond ring consist of?

The price for a diamond ring includes:

  • setting (also called "shank")
  • Diamond
  • manufacturing

The price for the frame depends on

  • Material (e.g. 14k gold, 18k gold)
  • Complexity of the design

The price of the diamond depends on

Here you can learn more about these characteristics, the so-called 4C, which determine the value and quality of a diamond.
With the ring configurator of My Diamond Ring, you can choose setting and diamond individually. This gives you full price transparency. (And this is how it works)

Orientation: Cost of the setting (shank)

Kind of setting


Price (excl. diamond)

Sleek, "pure" shank

e.g. Paris pure round, Rome pure oval, New York pure round

€ 495 - € 650

Diamond-covered, "pavé" shank

e.g. Paris pavé round, Rome pavé emerald

€ 800 - € 1.150

Shank with "crown-pavé" (diamond "halo" around the middle stone)

e.g. St. Tropez crown-pavé round, Venice crown-pavé oval

€ 790 - € 990

Full-pavé shank (diamonds around the middle stone and on the ring band)

e.g. St. Tropez full-pavé round, Venice full-pavé princess

€ 890 - € 1.450

Rings with side stones

e.g. London trinity round, Capri prong-set round

€ 990 - € 1.995

Orientation: This is how much diamonds cost

As already mentioned, the price of a diamond depends not only on its size or carat weight, but also on its clarity, color and cut.

It is therefore possible that two diamonds of the same size have very different prices. (More on the subject)

However, there is a common quality standard for diamonds up to one carat, which are mostly used for rings. This is the color grade "G" and the clarity grade "SI". (Read more)

The table below gives prices for round diamonds that roughly correspond to this quality standard for orientation. For other diamond shapes, the prices may differ.

~ carat weight

~ quality

~ price (round diamond)

0.30 ct


€ 500 - € 750

0.50 ct


€ 900 - € 1.900

0.75 ct


€ 2.200 - 3.500

1.00 ct


€ 4.500 - € 8.000

1.50 ct


€ 5.500 - € 20.000

2.00 ct


€ 15.000 - € 30.000

Price for setting + price for diamond = Diamond ring in your personal budget

As you can see, a classic diamond ring with a 0.30 ct round diamond of good quality is already available for under 1.000€. (Here you can see our suggested diamond rings for less than 1.000€)

The fact that you can select ring and diamond individually is the great advantage of the ring configurator of My Diamond Ring. This is the only way to get the most out of your budget: Choose the ring bar and diamond cleverly and find the ring with the largest diamond in your budget - or the ring of your dreams for less money.

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