The ultimate guide to choosing the right engagement ring


Step by step from first orientation to personalizing: This is how to find the diamond ring for a lifetime – backed by our survey results!

A diamond ring is a wonderfully unique piece of jewelry. Especially when gifted as an engagement ring, it marks a truly unforgettable milestone. As the ultimate symbol for eternity, a diamond is meant to be worn for a lifetime. Hence, a diamond ring's design is not only meant to be timeless but also a perfect match for its wearer's style.

Finding the one is never easy, but our guidelines are here to help you make a decision – no matter if you're looking for a ring for yourself or your future fiancé(e).

The basics: A mini diamond ring design dictionary

  • Setting or shank: The "actual" ring that's holding the diamond(s)
  • Middle stone: The central and biggest diamond on the ring
  • Side stones: Smaller diamonds accompanying the middle stone
  • Pure shank: A sleek ring band holding a single diamond
  • Pavé shank: A ring band covered in small diamonds
  • Halo: A ring of small diamonds encircling the middle stone
  • Gold color: Decide between white, yellow and pink gold
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So what's the most important part? In our survey, we asked women which aspect of their engagement ring they valued most. The answers differed. Here are some examples:

  • "The setting"
  • "Nice sparkle"
  • "The engagement itself"
  • "The engraving"
  • "The diamond"
  • "Originality, delicacy, femininity"

5 ways to find the perfect ring

Start the hunt for your perfect ring well-prepared. While initially, you might feel like you have no clue about what to get, the hints are all around you.

1. Everyday jewelry

Initially, take a look at the jewelry being worn on a day-to-day basis. Is it rather minimalistic or glitzy? Is it understated or striking? Are there various gold colors and materials or is there a certain winner? An engagement ring should fit in that picture.

In our survey, 100% of women stated that they'd like their engagement ring to match the style of their other jewelry.

2. Clothing style

In addition, her clothing style can be another source of inspiration. Again, an engagement ring should fit the picture as a whole: 100% of all women we asked how they would select their ring in our survey responded that the ring should match their clothing style as well.

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3. Look for "hidden" hints

If you're on the hunt for an engagement ring for your special someone, chances are she already knows exactly what she wants. Do a little research and find out whether she has some inspiration ready for you on her Pinterest board (two thirds of the women we asked do!), do some jewelry window shopping with her, or ask someone in her closest circle (who can keep a secret!) for advice: About a third of the women we asked stated that someone of her friends and family knew exactly what ring they've got their eyes on.

4. Ask her

The safest way to make the right choice is by asking your loved one what ring she'd like or even go shop for an engagement ring together. More than half of the women in our survey stated that they'll happily give their partner direct hints on what they'd like – so be careful whenever the topic jewelry comes up.

5. Take our test

Because finding the right ring for every unique woman is our primary mission, we have developed a personality test to give you some more inspiration on what design to get.

Take the test and get some style inspiration!

TIP: Scroll down to the bottom of this page for a style mood board.

Shop by style

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Choosing the design

Use the interactive product view to simulate what your diamond ring will look like: Try the different gold colors and see what the ring will look like with diamonds of different sizes.

When you're confident that you've made the right choice, continue to the next step where you can select the middle stone for your ring.

Make it yours: Personalizing the ring

My Diamond Ring's unique ring configurator makes it possible to create a custom-made diamond ring with the middle stone of your choice. Selecting the central diamond yourself has many advantages and allows you to find the ring that matches not only your requirements but also your budget. (See our popular Guide: How to find the best diamond ring in your budget)

Here's all you need to know: How to create a custom-made engagement ring in 3 simple steps

With our ring configurator, you can customize your ring from design to middle stone. Don't forget to add a free engraving to give the ring a last personal touch!

The last step before finishing your ring is letting us know in which size you'd like us to craft your ring. Find out the right ring size here with our free sizing kit! And don't worry: If you don't get it right the first time, a free resizing is included in the price.

Unsere Umfrage: Fragen & Ergebnisse

1. what is most important to you with your engagement ring?
Selected answers

  • "The type of setting"
  • "Nice shine"
  • "The engagement itself"
  • "The engraving"
  • "The Diamond"

2. Should your ideal engagement ring have the same style as the jewelry you wear every day?

  • Yes: 100%
  • No: 0%

3. Do you see parallels between your dress style and the ring design you want?

  • Yes: 100%
  • No: 0%

4. Do you gather inspiration for the engagement ring you desire?

  • No: 33%
  • Yes: 66% (on the smartphone and on Pinterest)

5. Do your closest friends or family members know which ring you want?

  • Yes: 33%
  • No: 66%

6. Would you give your partner direct advice on your desired design?

  • Yes: 66%
  • No: 33%

7. How can your partner best find out which engagement ring you would like to be surprised with?
Selected answers

  • "Those who know me know"
  • "Just go to a shop window and see which ring the lady reacts to..."
  • "I'll tell him."

You can still participate in our survey!

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