6 tips to find the perfect engagement ring style


Everything you need to know to find "the one"!

Finding the one is never easy. While initially, you might feel like you have no clue about what engagement ring to get - trust us - the hints are all around you. We have run a survey on more than 1000 women to know what to look out for! Our results and our expertise are here to help you make the best decision.

1. Look at her everyday jewellery

100% of the women interviewed stated that they'd like their engagement ring to match the style of their other day to day jewellery.

Ask yourself: Is her jewellery rather minimalistic or glitzy? Is it understated or striking? Are there various gold colours and materials or is there a certain winner? An engagement ring should fit in that picture.

2. Get inspired by her clothes

100% of all women stated that their engagement ring should match their clothing style.

Her clothes will tell you a lot about the type of ring she would choose for herself! Is she minimal, glamorous, vintage, boho, classic or avant-garde? If you are able to answer this questions, you have already done a big step towards finding the perfect ring.

We, at My Diamond Ring, have classified all of our rings by style (classic, minimal, vintage, glamorous, boho and avant-garde) to facilitate your decision further.

3. Take your style test

If you do not know what style fits your partner best, we, at My Diamond Ring, have created a very simple quiz! It takes only a couple of minutes and will tell you if your partner's style is more glamorous, classic, vintage, etc., and will suggest rings fitting her style. Take our test now!

4. Look out for "hidden" hints

If you're on the hunt for an engagement ring for your special someone, chances are she already knows exactly what she wants. Do a little research and find out whether she has some inspiration ready for you on her Pinterest board (two thirds of the women we asked do!).

5. Ask her close relatives

About a third of the women we asked stated that someone of her friends and family knew exactly what ring they liked. As long as you know this person can keep a secret, don't be scared to ask!

6. Ask her

The saftest way to make the right choice is by asking your loved one what ring she'd like or even go shop for an engagement ring together. More than half of the women in our survey stated that they'll happily give their partner direct hints on what they'd like - so be careful whenever the topic of jewellery comes up.

But what if she still doesn't like the ring you picked?

No worries. We are sure that you will have made the right choice. But just in case, know that at My Diamond Ring, you have 30 days to exchange your ring for another one. Or you can choose to return the ring and benefit from 100% money back guarantee!