Select the engagement ring alone or together?


There are advantages and disadvantages to both options.

Everyone has a different taste. Therefore, it is often very hard to select a piece of jewelry that’s meant to be worn daily for another person, even if it’s your long-time partner. There are plenty options for finding just the right ring:

Select the engagement ring together

More and more couples skip the going-down-on-one-knee and decide to get engaged together. This modern variant doesn’t have to be unromantic at all, though! Quite the contrary, there are actually many advantages to it:

Advantages of selecting the engagement ring together

    • The bride-to-be can select her favorite design
    • Factors like budget and materials can be discussed together
    • The engagement ring can already be matched the desired wedding band design

Selecting your own engagement ring as a woman

Naturally, a woman can also simply select her engagement ring herself. Lady Diana showed it to us already: The engagement ring she chose for her engagement with Prince Charles is one of today’s best-known and most valuable engagement rings. Later, she said that she chose the famous ring, which is set with a blue Ceylon sapphire and a halo of 14 diamonds, because it reminded her of her mother’s ring.

Advantages of selecting your own engagement ring as a woman

    • The desired design can be selected directly
    • For the sake of gift-giving, the price can be kept secret for the bride-to-be
    • Another option is that the bride selects the setting and groom selects the diamond

Selecting the engagement ring as a man

Many men still want to surprise their loved one with an engagement ring. Of course, a proposal is already expected in most cases. Nevertheless, a surprising proposal is an extremely romantic gesture and a self-selected ring a very romantic way of showing one’s thoughtfulness.

Advantages: Engagement ring as a surprise

    • Very romantic gesture
    • Prior selection of the ring as a symbol of affection

Finding the right engagement ring: A tricky task

Surprising your loved one with an engagement ring requires, of course, having purchased it beforehand. Selecting the ring, though, can be harder than expected. Even if you know your partner very well, many men struggle with describing their girlfriend’s style. That’s why it can be really tricky for them to select a piece of jewelry as personal as an engagement ring. Even if the bride-to-be is included in the decision-making process, it can still be hard to make a choice among the numerous options.

Get style counselling for finding the right engagement ring

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