The world-famous engagement ring of Princess Diana


The ring Prince Charles offered Lady Diana when he asked for her hand in 1981 was to be the most famous engagement ring in the world

The ring Prince Charles offered Lady Diana when he asked for her hand in 1981 was to be the most famous engagement ring in the world.

The world-famous ring was an extraordinary choice – made by Lady Di herself. The piece was neither custom-made nor a design individually created for her. At the time, the ring was part former court jeweler Garrards’ collection and would have been available to other customers as well. According to reports, Diana selected the ring because it reminded her of her mother’s.

The piece consists of 14 diamonds surrounding an oval cut, 12-carat Ceylon-Sapphire. Shank and setting are made from 18-carat white gold.

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  • Oval cut, 12 carat Ceylon sapphire
  • Halo made of 14 round diamonds surround the sapphire
  • The diagonally attached prongs give the ring the shape of a snowflake
  • Original buying price: 28.000 £ (Roughly 31 000 € today)
  • Shank and setting made of 18-carat white gold

Then a scandal, now copied a thousand times

At the time, Lady Diana's engagement ring caused a scandal: At court, many got het up by the "commoner"-ring which could have been purchased by everyone. Yet today, Diana's sapphire ring is one of the most famous engagement rings in the world. After Diana's divorce from Prince Charles, he stored the ring. After Diana's sudden death in 1997, Charles allowed his sons William and Harry to select a memory from their mother's possessions. While Prince William chose a golden Cartier watch, it was his younger brother Harry who chose to keep the sapphire ring. Years later when William planned to ask his girlfriend Kate Middleton for her hand, Harry entrusted the ring to him. On Middleton's ring finger, Diana's ring not only became one of the most famous, but also one of the most valuable engagement rings in the world.

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