Vintage Inspired Engagement Rings


Inspired by the past, made for the future - available in 18K white, yellow and pink gold, and with the diamond of your choice!

Pros and Cons of Buying a Vintage Engagement Ring

A vintage engagement ring can be a beautiful piece of jewelry and craftsmanship, a great bargain, or even an ethical choice. But it isn´t always the best option. Understanding the pros and cons of buying a vintage engagement ring can help you decide if a newly made engagement ring in a vintage style is best for you instead.

  • Pros
    • History: vintage engagement rings may already have a century or more of wedding anniversaries behind them, thus embodying the richness of relationships that can stand the test of time.
    • Value: older rings being secondhand pieces, they can come at surprisingly lower prices than new modern rings.
    • Uniqueness: most vintage and antique rings were crafted before modern machines were invented, thus being entirely hand-crafted and unique.
    • Eco-friendly: older engagement rings do not require additional mining of diamonds, gold, etc. Buying a vintage engagement ring is, therefore, an environmentally-friendly choice.
  • Cons
    • Dullness: Diamond cutters did not have the knowledge they now have when it comes to cutting stones. This means that vintage rings have diamonds that have way less sparkle and brilliance than current engagement rings.
    • Durability: vintage engagement rings are obviously more prone to break. They often have a very delicate and detailed type of setting that makes such rings extremley hard and costly to repair.
    • Maintenance: similarly to the durability aspect, vintage rings may require more diligent maintenance to look their best. Cleanings cannot always be done in modern machines, and hand cleaning may be quite painstaking.
    • Lack of matching sets: Antique rings will usually not fit with any wedding band, or at least, not with a modern one. This means searching quite a long time before finding - if ever - a matching wedding ring.

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The alternative: Vintage Style Engagement Rings

The vintage-inspired engagement rings by My Diamond Ring each have their unique features reminding the crafstmanship of older times.

  • Capri prong-set Round

Our Capri model features a center diamond surrounded by 4 diamonds on each side. The type of prongs holding the stones - called a "Treillis" - gives this engagement ring its delicate aspect, reminiscing of the delicate mountings of vintage engagement rings.

  • London trinity Round

This 3 stone engagement ring was partially inspired by Meghan Markle´s Engagement Ring and features, like for the Capri model, a "Trellis" type of prong setting, typical for Vintage engagement rings.

  • Aspen double halo Round

The double halo of sparkling diamonds surrounding the center stone gives the Aspen model an intricate and almost flowery flair. Antique designs are characterized by delicate designs are flower adornments, making this model the ultimate vintage-inspired ring!

  • Rome full-pavé Emerald-cut

Emerald-cut diamonds became popular and quite sought after during the Art Deco era in the early 20th century. The geometric pattern of the Rome full-pavé subtly evokes this vintage era while imposing itself as a truly timeless piece.

Configure your own Vintage Style Engagement Ring!

At My Diamond Ring, you can configure your own ring by choosing your diamond. We offer more than 5000 diamonds in different qualities and price ranges, in order for you to find the diamond that meets your expectations and budget. Our diamonds are all GIA certified and start as low as € 350.

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