What if she doesn't like her engagement ring?


Right partner, wrong ring? This is how you solve the problem.

If happens more often than you'd think: The moment is there, the romantic wedding proposal or perfect gift is planned – but the ring is just not right!

This is how to solve the situation!

1. She doesn't like the setting

Often, not the diamond itself but its setting is the problem. Details some men might not even notice can decide if a woman likes or ring or not! Sometimes, the wrong gold color has been picked – or the ring's style just doesn't match its wearer's.

To avoid this problem, My Diamond Ring has designed a personality test to help you find inspiration for the right ring.

Take the test

All diamond ring designs in My Diamond Ring's ring configurator have been assigned to various styles to make your choice easier:

2. She doesn't like the diamond

Many women know exactly which diamond shape they'd like to have sparkling on their finger: Maybe the classic round, the glamorous pear or the glittering princess, the elegant emerald or radiant? Or rather the oval as a variation of the classic round?

In case the diamond shape you chose originally is the wrong one, you should consult your jeweler on return and exchange options. With My Diamond Ring, you'll enjoy a 30 day return right with 100% money back guarantee. Contact us to find out more on exchange options.

3. Wrong ring size

What if setting and diamond are right – but the ring size is wrong? No worries, your ring can be changed afterwards. At My Diamond Ring, one resizing is included.

This is how to get the ring size right the first time around:

This is what to pay attention to

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