Size Guide - An International Ring Size Converting Chart


From one country to another, ring size units vary! Discover how your ring size translates in other countries.

Convert your ring size

Depending on the country, or on the manufacturer, ring sizes can be given in differing units.

We, at My Diamond Ring, use the Austrian metrics - which is the same as that used in France - and go from size 45 to 69.

The document below displays ring sizes for the following countries:

  • UK units: uses letters G, G 1/2, H, etc
  • US units: from 3 3/8 to 12 3/4
  • French units: from 45 to 69
  • German units: from 14 1/2 to 21 3/4
  • Japanese units: from 5 to 26
  • Swiss units: from 5 1/4 to 28 3/4

OPEN: International Converting Chart

You don't know the ring size yet?

If you don't know the correct ring size or if you're simply not 100% sure if you got it right, there are 3 methods for you to find out your partner´s ring size at home:

  • using our mobile tool
  • measuring your finger
  • measuring an existing ring

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RING SIZE KIT: You can also request our Ring Size Kit by writing us at and we will send you our hard plastic kit directly at home.

Got the wrong ring size?

Considering that finding out the ring size for an engagement ring is oftentimes made secretly, mistakes can easily happen! This is why My Diamond Ring offers a free resizing on your purchased engagement ring.