Finding the right ring size


This is how to determine the right ring size

The right ring size is crucial in order to make sure a ring fits right and is neither too loose nor too tight. Here, we are showing you how to find out the right ring size - whether measured directly off the finger or secretly by using an already owned and fitting ring!

Finding out the ring size by measuring an existing ring

  1. Cut out the tape measure
  2. Roll it in
  3. Place the tape measure in the ring
  4. Adapt the roll to the ring size
  5. Read off the ring size

Measure the ring size off the finger

  1. Cut out the tape measure
  2. Wrap the tape measure around your finger
  3. Tighten
  4. Read off the ring size
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Convert the ring size

Depending on country and manufacturer, ring sizes can be measured on different scales. You can use the table below if you know the right ring size in a different measurement unit.

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Checklist: Determining the ring size

  • Because of swellings, finger tend to be slightly thicker in the evening and generally in hot temperatures
  • As hands swell less in colder climates, it is possible that a ring which fits in the summer will be too big in the winter months
  • A ring’s perceived fit depends on its shank’s width: If the shank is relatively broad, a bigger ring size might be necessary and vice versa

Change the ring size

You’ve already gotten a ring in the wrong size? Don’t worry, the ring’s size can still be changed.

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