Engagement ring: Which finger?


For most fiancées, the answer to this question is crystal clear.

Rings are typically worn on – you've guessed it – the ring finger, which is the 4thfinger when beginning at the thumb. However, the custom of wearing an engagement ring on this finger is, like every other tradition, not a strict rule but merely a guideline.

What finger: Catholicism

In Catholicism, wedding bands as well as engagement rings are worn on the ring finger. According to a bible quote, the right side is the lucky side. Hence, the rings should be worn on the right ring finger. Nevertheless, especially the engagement ring is often times worn on the left hand because of local traditions.

On what finger do you wear your engagement ring in Judaism?

Judaism and Catholicism are alike when it comes to the traditions of exchanging rings; in Judaism, however, the groom slips the wedding band over the bride’s right ring finger.

Engagement ring on the middle finger

Those who like it unconventional can wear their engagement ring on their middle finger. Read more on this topic here.

Overview: What finger are engagement ring and wedding band put on?

  • Mostly, the engagement ring is worn on the ring finger
  • According to Jewish tradition, the wedding band is worn on the index finger
  • The rings can also be worn on the middle finger

The right size of the engagement-ring-finger

No matter what hand and finger you’re wearing the ring in, it needs to be the right size! Many future grooms have trouble finding out their bride-to-be’s ring size because they want to surprise her with a proposal. What they often don’t know is that it’s actually super easy to find out the right ring size. Click here for My Diamond Ring’s ring size tutorial including a freely downloadable ring size kit.