Engagement ring: Which finger?


Traditionally, onto the left hand´s ring finger. But this is not a rule, merely a guideline!

Which finger should you wear your Engagement Ring onto?

Rings are typically worn on – you've guessed it – the ring finger, which is the 4thfinger when beginning at the thumb. However, the custom of wearing an engagement ring on this finger is, like every other tradition, not a strict rule but merely a guideline.

As for the customs concerning the hand onto which the engagement ring should be worn, this varies from one country to another.

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Can you wear your engagement ring on any finger?

It is perfectly fine to wear your wedding ring or engagement ring on any finger. If your ring has become too big (for example in the wintertime), or too small (because of pregnancy; weight gain, or others), you should not feel bad about wearing your ring on your middle finger or even on your pinky finger!

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Finding out the right ring size

No matter what hand or finger you wish to wear your engagement ring onto, it needs to be the right size! Finding out the right ring size is way easier than you may think!

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