Ring Size Kit


Discover what our ring size kit contains and how it works!

Our Ring Size Kit contains...

Our Kit contains 2 hard plastic forms:

  • the first form allows you to find out your ring size using an existing ring
  • the second form allows you to find out your ring size by measuring your finger directly

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How does it work?

In case you have an existing ring:

  • Roll up the form n.1 (i.e. the one with a rectangle shape)
  • Slide your ring onto it
  • Read the ring size

In case you want to measure your finger directly

  • Use form n.2 (i.e. the one with a "T" shape)
  • Feed the thinner end of the T into the small hole to create a loop
  • Place your finger in the loop
  • Pull the thinner end of the form until the loop is tight around your finger
  • Read the ring size

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Order our Ring Size Kit!

If you wish to receive our Ring Size Kit, you can request it by writing us at office@mydiamondring.com and we will send it to you directly at home!

Alternatively, you can print our Ring Size Kit to use it in its paper version!

OPEN: Printable Ring Size Kit

Got the wrong ring size?

Considering that finding out the ring size for an engagement ring is oftentimes made secretly, mistakes can easily happen! This is why My Diamond Ring offers a free resizing on your purchased engagement ring.