Engagement ring: Which hand do you wear it onto in Austria?


The Austrian tradition resembles the customs of many central European countries.

On which hand and finger is the engagement ring worn in Austria?

Like in many countries, engagement rings are traditionally placed on the left hand´s ring finger.

This tradition seems to date back to the Romans who believed that the ring finger of the left hand had a vein of love - the "vena amoris" - which ran directly from that finger to the heart.

On which hand is the wedding band worn in Austria?

Just like in Germany, the wedding band is traditionally put on the right hand´s ring finger. This could date back once more to the Romans, who believed that the right hand was symbolic of honor and trust.

On which hand is the engagement ring worn after the marriage?

In Austria, the engagement ring is traditionally moved to the ring finger of the right hand, to join the wedding band.

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The Tyrol exception

Contrary to the rest of Austria, in the state of Tyrol, engagement rings are usually worn on the right, and wedding rings on the left!

Finding out the right ring size

If you wish to follow these guidelines, you may have to resize your engagement ring as one hand is usually bigger than the other. If the engagement ring fits until marriage, it may then be too big or too small afterward.

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