Engagement ring: What hand do you wear it on in Austria?


The Austrian tradition resembles the customs in many central European countries.

Like in many countries, engagement rings are traditionally placed on the left hand in Austria. The wedding band is worn on the right hand. Many brides take their ring from the left to the right hand, where it accompanies the wedding band, during or after the wedding ceremony.

Usually, the engagement ring is stacked “above” the wedding band, meaning the wedding band is put on first. Like this, the wedding band is closer to the body and the heart. However, the tradition to wear the engagement ring on the left hand stems from the same thought: It was long believed that there was a vein leading from the left ring finger to the heart.

It is to be considered that the local traditions are merely guidelines, not rules. Where the rings are being worn is up to bride and groom, after all. For example, many are more comfortable with wearing their ring on the hand they are not writing with.