Engagement ring too big or too small - what can be done?


Here all all the ring sizing "hacks" you need to get the perfect fit!

The winter has arrived and your fingers are thinner? You are pregnant and your ring is now too small? Whether your partner got the wrong ring size from the get-go or whether your ring size has changed over time, there are lots of things you can do to make your ring fit.

Engagement Ring too big?

If your ring is slightly too big, for example, because you have lost some weight or because of the winter months, you can:

  • Move it to another finger: If you were wearing your engagement ring on your 4th finger, you could move it onto the middle finger, which is usually a bit thicker than the ring finger.
  • Move it to your bigger hand: If you are right-handed and were wearing your ring on your left hand, it is very likely that your right hand will be slightly bigger than your left hand. For cold months, simply switch your ring to your stronger hand.
  • Add a ring adjuster on it: Engagement rings are usually worn on the left hand´s 4th finger. If this placement is symbolically too important for you to want to switch your ring to another hand or finger, you could simply make it smaller by using an (almost) invisible clear silicone inlay like these ones, offered by Amazon.
  • Stack a ring on it: Adding a smaller ring on top of your engagement ring can be a great way to add an extra "bling" to your ring while preventing it from sliding off.

Here below, discover a selection of small rings that could easily be stacked onto your engagement ring.

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Engagement Ring too small?

If you have gained some weight, that you are pregnant or that your hands tend to swell in summer months, you can:

  • Move it to your pinky finger: believe it or not, wearing your engagement ring on the pinky can be quite trendy.
  • Wear your ring on a necklace for the time being: like this, your engagement ring is even closer to the heart.

NOTE: There are some quick DIY fixes on the internet involving hammering your ring to make it smaller. We strongly discourage you from following any of these DIYs. This could seriously damage your ring, scratch its precious metal and even create some stone fall-outs.

Resize your engagement ring

If none of the hacks or quick fixes above are right for you, you may need to get your ring professionally resized.

If you have bought your engagement ring at My Diamond Ring, you will have to let us know what your ring size actually is and we will resize it for free.

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