Engagement ring too big or too small – what can be done?


No need to panic if your ring doesn't fit! Here's everything you need to know about resizing and exchange options

The proposal was a success, but the ring is sliding off the finger or is far too small? You wanted to get yourself a nice gift but now it doesn't fit?

Don’t worry, ring sizes can be changed.

Especially men who want to surprise their loved one with a proposal struggle to find out the right ring size in advance. However, there are two easy ways to quickly find out the right size – even without her noticing. (Click here for our ring size tutorial with free sizer kit) However, if there's no well-fitting ring available to measure the size from, you'll sometimes have to improvise.

But no need to worry: Almost every ring's size can be changed afterwards.

If in doubt, check in with the jeweler of your choice in advance and ask him or her:

  • Can the ring of your choice be re-sized?
  • What are the costs for re-sizing?

At My Diamond Ring, the re-sizing of your ring is included. As a little helper to find out the right ring size right away, we're happy to send you a free ring size kit – contact us and let us know where to send it to.

Emergency plan: Engagement ring too small

If the diamond ring is way too small to be slipped onto the ring finger, it can be put on the smallest finger at the proposal. Until the size is adapted, it can then either be worn on the pinkie or on a necklace. Like this, the engagement ring is even closer to the heart.

What to do? Engagement ring too big

In case the engagement ring is too big, there’s a risk of it sliding off the finger unnoticed. To avoid the valuable piece of jewelry getting lost, it should temporarily be put on the middle finger instead. The middle finger is normally a bit thicker than the ring finger, so an engagement ring that’s a bit too big will most likely fit there.

Finding your ring size

To avoid a later adaption, there are a few different opportunities for determining the right ring size beforehand. See in this tutorial how you can find out the right ring size with or without the bride-to-be’s help.

Proposal Plan B: Engagement ring doesn’t fit

  • Engagement ring too small → Put the ring on the pinkie or wear on a necklace until re-sizing.
  • Engagement ring too big → Slide the ring onto the middle finger
  • Determine the right ring size beforehand → Click here for the tutorial
  • Any further questions → Contact our support

My Diamond Ring: What's included

With My Diamond Ring's configurator, you have the possibility to create the custom-made diamond ring that matches both your dreams and budget.

How to do this?

  1. Select your favorite setting from a collection of over 40 designs
  2. Choose a diamond: The possibility to choose your own diamond allows you not only to create an absolutely unique and personalized ring, but also allows to maximize your budget!
  3. Finish: Let us know the size you'd like your ring to be made in and whether you'd like to add an engraving.

Click here for the full tutorial or have a look at our inventory of recommended diamond rings!

Here are some more benefits of working with us:

  • We exclusively work with GIA-certified diamonds (Here's why your diamond needs a certificate)
  • We offer free insured premium shipping
  • You'll have a 30 day return right with money back guarantee
  • ... and a life long My Diamond Ring quality guarantee
  • Your ring will arrive in our high-quality My Diamond Ring shipping box, complete with ring box, certificates, cleaning cloth and velvet pouch

If you have any more questions or if you'd like some non-binding advice, feel free to contact us!