Engagement ring too big or too small – what can be done?


The proposal was a success, but ring is sliding back off her finger or is far too small? Don’t panic, we have an action plan ready for you.

What’s certain is that no one should let their proposal be spoiled because of an ill-fitting ring. Don’t forget that it’s all about the moment and the promise, after all. Especially men who want to surprise their loved one with a proposal struggle with selecting the right size when getting the ring. If they don’t have one of their girlfriend’s well-fitting rings at their disposal, they have to take on the risk of not choosing the right ring size.

Engagement ring too small

If the engagement ring is way too small for being slipped onto the ring finger, it can be put on the smallest finger for the beginning. Until the ring size will be adapted, the ring can then either be worn on the pinkie or on a necklace. Like this, the engagement ring is even closer to the heart.

Engagement ring too big

In case the engagement ring is too big, there’s a risk of it sliding off the finger unnoticed. To avoid the valuable piece of jewelry getting lost, it should be put on the middle finger instead. The middle finger is normally a bit thicker than the ring finger, so an engagement ring that’s a bit too big will most likely fit there.

Adapt the size of an engagement ring

Don’t worry: The size of an engagement ring can of course be changed. My Diamond Ring will even perform the necessary re-sizing free of charge! For more Information, visit our support page.

Finding your ring size

To avoid a later adaption, there are a few different opportunities for determining the right ring size beforehand. See in this tutorial how you can find out the right ring size with or without the bride-to-be’s help.

Emergency checklist: Engagement ring doesn’t fit

  • Engagement ring too small: Put the ring on the pinkie or wear on a necklace until re-sizing.
  • Engagement ring too big: Slide the ring onto the middle finger
  • Determine the right ring size beforehand: Click here for the tutorial