Can I wear my engagement ring on the middle finger?


Engagement rings are mostly worn on the ring finger. But what about the middle one?

Today, many couples decide not to follow traditional guidelines anymore. This includes how to wear the engagement and wedding rings.

On which finger is the engagement ring traditionally worn?

In many European countries, it is still a tradition to wear the engagement ring on the left hand´s ring finger - which is the 4th finger when beginning at the thumb.

Can I wear my engagement ring on my middle finger?

Yes, you certainly can. Engagement and marriage are probably the most personal and individual events of your life, and you should absolutely do it your way.

Advantages of wearing your engagement ring on the middle finger


  • If you like the way it looks, just do it!
  • Full visibility: It is very popular among brides to stack wedding bands and engagement rings on top of each other. However, if you'd like full visibility for both rings, or if you don´t like the way your engagement ring stacks with your wedding band, it can look amazing to wear them next to each other.
  • Wearing your ring on the middle finger is an unconventional and individual alternative.

Practical reasons

  • Handwriting: If you're writing a lot with the hand you're wearing your ring on, it might be a bit irritating. In case you'd like to keep the ring on the same hand anyways, just slip it over your middle finger.
  • In winter: If your ring fits perfectly in summer, it might be a bit big in the wintertime. If your ring is so loose that it's likely to slip off your finger, you're better off either resizing it or wearing it on your – usually thicker – middle finger until the summer comes.
  • Weight loss: if you have lost a bit of weight, because of stress or illness, you may also want to wear your ring on the middle finger for the time being.
  • Before resizing: Especially if a ring was gifted for engagement, its size might not be right at first. If your ring is too big, just wear it on the middle finger in the meantime. If it's too small, you can put it on the pinky. More ideas on what could be done here.

Calculate your ring size

If wearing your engagement ring on your middle finger is just a temporary decision - and that you ultimately want to wear it on the traditional ring finger - you will need to get it professionally resized.

If you bought your engagement ring at My Diamond Ring, you get a free ring resizing. You simply need to measure your actual ring size and we will fix it for you.

HOW TO: Find out the right ring size