Diamond Buying Guide: DOs and DON'Ts


This is what you must do and must avoid when buying an engagement ring.

An engagement ring is often enough the most expensive and valuable piece of jewelry a woman will own. For this reason, it is fundamental that it is bought from a trustworthy seller. The ring must be of a certain quality, come with a proper diamond certificate and lifetime guarantees.

This article will list all the DO and DONT´s of engagement ring buying.


  • Buy single diamonds from a "dealer"

Many people make the mistake, especially when traveling, of buying supposedly inexpensive "good deals" diamonds from dealers or "friend of a friend". Oftentimes, such stones are of a much lower quality than promised or can even be fake!

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  • Buy diamonds or engagement rings without a proper certificate

A certificate ensures the ethical origin of a diamond and provides detailed information about its quality. It is therefore fundamental that the ring you buy comes with a diamond certificate. The certificate MUST be issued from an independent grading institute, such as the GIA. Any other certificate is not to be trusted.

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  • Blindly hunt for bargains

If an engagement ring is sold for a ridiculously inexpensive price, there is a reason for it. Some online stores advertise engagement rings using the word "diamond" when in fact, the stone is a simple white sapphire or a diamond lookalike such as a Moissanite or a Swarowski.

  • Buy without checking your return options

Always check the guarantees coming with your order. Online stores must offer, by law, a minimum of 2 weeks return time. Some still manage to avoid this obligation by adding unlawful clauses in their terms and conditions. For example, some stores will say that if the packaging shows signs of having been opened, the ring cannot be returned anymore!

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  • Buy without checking the online ratings

If you buy at an online store - which we definitely believe to be the best idea (discover why!) - first make sure that this specific store has good reviews online and that the reviews are published not on THEIR website, but on an independent rating website such as E trusted Shop or Trust Pilot.

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  • Buy your engagement ring online

Buying online can be up to 40% cheaper than in physical stores, for the same quality of engagement rings. We firmly believe that buying your engagement ring online is the best option, for various reasons.

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  • Configure your own engagement ring

Configuring your own ring allows you not only to create a far more personal ring but also allows you to manage your budget and allocate it where it matters to you most.

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  • Choose the right ring style

The engagement ring you choose will always be the proof of love and commitment you made to your partner. But sometimes, the style chosen is not the one that your partner would have gone for... Ideally, choosing a ring that fits your partner´s sense of style and taste is best.

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  • Learn how to choose a diamond

Diamonds are expensive. But if you do your research, you will be able to find a diamond that meets your expectations in terms of size, quality, and price.

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  • Check the guarantees, shipping details, and return rights

We, at My Diamond Ring, offer a 30 day 100% money-back guarantee, free and insured FedEx shipping, free ring resizing, free engraving, and much more.

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