12 reasons to get your engagement ring at My Diamond Ring


This is why you should buy your ring with us, and only with us!

My Diamond Ring is a family business based in Vienna, Austria, that was founded with the goal of assisting men and women in finding the perfect engagement ring.

We firmly believe in our service, and will show you 12 reasons why you should too!

#1 Best Engagement Ring Online Store

Known for its minimal award-winning website, My Diamond Ring simplified engagement ring buying to its maximum and has the best rating online over all other competitors:

4.9 stars on E-trusted shops - The diamond filter is the simplest of them all, allowing you to find a diamond quickly and safely. All diamonds are GIA certified and the rings are handmade in Vienna, Austria.

4.7 stars on Trustpilot - Based in Germany, 77 diamonds offers numerous settings and diamonds to choose from. It has a quite intuitive website although the diamond filter may appear quite complicated at first.

4.4 stars on Trustpilot - Leader in the industry, James Allen is an American retailer known for its very wide selection of diamonds to choose from.

4.1 stars on Trustpilot - Based in Seattle, Washington, Blue Nile is yet another American vendor offering a wide range of diamonds at a competitive price.

#2 High Quality Engagement Rings

  • R 029 White

    Stack soft | round

    from € 850
  • My Diamond Ring is a subbrand of Schullin Wien, an Austrian high-end jewelry designer. The expertise of Schullin Wien and the high-quality craftsmanship Schullin gives in all his designs is also lent to the engagement rings made by My Diamond Ring.

    We offer circa 50 exclusive engagement ring designs, each and every one carefully designed by our in-house designers and made in Vienna, by hand.

    Every engagement ring is available in 18K white gold, yellow gold, or pink gold and can be made in platinum on request.

    OUR SIGNATURE MODELS: Discover the "Stack collection" - engagement rings designed exclusively by My Diamond Ring that can seamlessly be stacked with any wedding band!

    #3 Affordable prices

    My Diamond Ring offers extremely competitive prices for 2 reasons:

    • You can configure your ring in 3 simple steps, which allows you to manage your budget and allocate it where it matters to you most.

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    • We offer our rings online: Being an online store, My Diamond Ring is able to reduce its own costs, which in turn allows every customer to afford a high-end design for a very competitive price.

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    #4 GIA certified diamonds only

    Buying an engagement ring online can be intimidating or even risky, unless you make sure that the diamond being sold to you is certified, ideally by the Gemologial Institute of America (GIA).

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    We, at My Diamond Ring, offer more than 5000 diamonds in different qualities and price ranges, all GIA certified, starting as low € 350.

    #5 High End Visualization

    It is understandable for customers to want to see the final design before buying it.

    With our ring configurator, you can visualize your very own personalized and customized engagement ring in 360° HD

    ... in3 different gold colors:

    • 18K white gold
    • 18K yellow gold
    • 18K pink gold

    ... and with 4 different sizes of diamonds:

    • 0.25 ct
    • 0.50 ct
    • 0.75 ct
    • 1.00 ct

    Our diamonds are also all visible in 360° HD, in 15x or greater magnification, so you can truly understand the diamond´s characteristics in terms of shape, color, clarity, cut, and sparkle. Only the actual diamond picture and video are displayed, NEVER a sample video or picture of a similar diamond.

    #6 Eco-friendly production

    Unlike other stores that sell ready made rings, My Diamond Ring specializes in made-to-order engagement rings. Your design will be created especially for you, after you have completed your order.

    It takes us about 2 to 3 weeks to create your ring, by hand.

    #7 Excellent Customer Service

    #8 Free Insured Premium Shipping

    So that your piece of jewelry arrives without any problems, every order is sent insured, via FedEx or UPS.

    With every order you will receive a high-quality box containing:

    • your engagement ring
    • a small velvet ring box
    • a velvet pouch for storing your ring
    • a cleaning cloth
    • the GIA certificate of your diamond

    My Diamond Ring pays for the shipping costs.

    #9 Money Back Guarantee

    In case your partner does not like the ring you have created for her, you can exchange it - free of charge - for another one. Or you can return the ring to us and get 100% money-back within 30 days.

    #10 Free Resizing

    We are aware that finding the right ring size can be intimidating, especially if you are buying the engagement ring secretly. This is why, in case your ring is too big or too small, My Diamond Ring offers one free change of ring width.

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    #11 Free Engraving

    To make your design even more personal, My Diamond Ring offers you the ability to engrave your engagement ring with words, letters, numbers, or symbols of your choice - for free!

    #12 Lifetime My Diamond Ring guarantee

    My Diamond Ring guarantees the highest quality - lifelong! Your guarantee includes:

    • Annual prong tightening
    • Annual polishing
    • Annual rhodium plating and cleaning
    • Lifetime upgrade

    MORE: Visit our Support page