Why My Diamond Ring?


The numerous reasons why you should work with My Diamond Ring

Turn your milestone into a diamond ring

It's the most precious moments in life we remember dearly, even years later. Whether for an engagement, a graduation or other achievement, or simply as a gift to oneself: A diamond ring may be the most beautiful way to celebrate and manifest a milestone. Turn your milestone into a diamond (ring) and keep your memories in sight every day - literally.

My Diamond Ring doesn't guarantee for the highest quality and personal consultation and a selection of designs matching each and every style, but also gives you the opportunity to create your personal, bespoke diamond ring.

Here, we are giving you an overview on the unique advantages of purchasing your diamond jewelry at My Diamond Ring:

  • Diamond Ring Configurator, Fine Jewelry and Wedding Band Collection
  • Certified diamonds only
  • Style Guide
  • Diamond Guide
  • Personal customer service
  • Insured premium-shipping
  • Lifetime My Diamond Ring-Guarantee
  • Backed by Schullin Vienna

The Ring Configurator

With My Diamond Ring's Configurator, you can create your very own, personalised, bespoke diamond ring in just 3 steps:

  1. Select a design and your desired gold color (white, gold or pink gold)
  2. Choose a diamond that matches your wishes
  3. Personalize your diamond ring with a free engraving and select the right ring size

Your advantages:

Product view

  • With our unique product view, you can turn every ring by 360° and see it from every side
  • Additionally, you can simulate different gold colors and diamond sizes - like this, you will know how each diamond size will later look on your ring

Try the product view

Diamond selection

  • Each diamond is unique. By choosing your diamond yourself in step 2, you are turning your diamond ring into a unique piece of jewelry, personally created by you and make the most of your budget
  • Full cost control: By being able to select setting and diamond separately, you can compare prices perfectly. You'll see that in comparison with "ready-made" rings, you'll get more bang for the buck with My Diamond Ring


  • Every My Diamond Ring will be handmade is exclusively for you
  • Additionally, you can add a final personal touch with a free engraving

View Ring Configurator

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The Fine Jewelry-Kollektion

The Fine Jewelry Collection offers delicate rings, adorned with diamonds and other gemstones. These rings are the perfect gift for every occasion - whether for oneself or for someone else. Starting from just 200€, you'll find rings made of white and pink gold which can be combined and stacked perfectly.

View Fine Jewelry Collection

Wedding bands and memory rings

My Diamond Ring offers a selection of classic wedding band designs. These rings can be personalized, too:

  • Choose the desired material (white gold, yellow gold, pink gold, platinum)
  • Select band width and size (up to 5.5 mm)
  • Free engraving

Additionally, you'll find diamond-encrusted memory rings in three different widths.

View wedding bands

Certified diamonds only

My Diamond Ring exclusively offers GIA-certified diamonds in its ring configurator*. A diamond certificate ensures ethical mining of a diamond and gives and delivers detailed information on the stone's quality. Generally, you should exclusively purchase certified diamonds.

* Very petite diamonds (as e.g found in the Fine Jewelry Collection) are not certified by the GIA. However, you will receive a My Diamond Ring certificate with your ring, guaranteeing the stone's authenticity.

Style Guide

My Diamond Ring not only guarantees for the highest quality but also puts great emphasis on style consultation: Especially when it comes to engagement rings, finding the right style is often not easy. This is why My Diamond Ring offers not only personal customer service with systematic style advice but also a personality test which recommends a matching ring style

For better orientation, the Ring Configurator designs are assigned to different styles:

  • classic
  • glamorous
  • elegant
  • minimal
  • avant-garde
  • vintage
  • boho

View designs

Style Guide: What do I have to know about diamond jewelry?

Personal customer service

Our personal customer service answer any question non-commital and at any time! Also, feel free to contact us for:

  • Style advice when selecting a ring
  • Help in choosing a diamond
  • Choosing a diamond matching your expectations by our expert team
  • Question concerning manufacturing and shipping
  • Many more!

This is how you'll reach us

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Insured premium shipping

To make sure that your piece of jewelry will arrive safely, every order is shipped insured. Your ring will arrive in its ring box, stored in our high-quality shipping box. Besides your ring box, the shipping box comes with all your rings certificates, a velvet pouch for storage and a cleaning cloth.

Naturally, My Diamond Ring bears the shipping costs!

My Diamond Ring Guarantee

My Diamond Ring guarantees for the highest quality - lifelong! Your guarantee includes (among others):

  • Return options with 100% money-back guarantee
  • Free resizing of your ring
  • Prong checking
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Who stands behind My Diamond Ring?

Behind My Diamond Ring stands Schullin, a Viennese jewelry family business run in the third generation. Visit our jewelry and watch store in Vienna's first district and convince yourself of our high quality standards!