Full pavé Engagement rings


Discover our engagement rings fully adorned with diamonds: on the band AND around the central diamond!

What is a pavé diamond engagement ring?

  • R 028 V2 White

    Stack pavé | round

    from € 1,190
    • Pavé setting:

    The French word "pavé" translates into "pavement". This word is used to indicate a type of ring setting - in which tiny diamonds are closely set together, resulting in a line - or pavement - of continuous diamonds.

    Because pavé diamonds are set on the side of the central stone, this setting style is often referred to as "side stones".

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  • R 027 V1 White

    Stack crown-pavé | round

    from € 1,090
    • Crown-pavé:

    Engagement rings can also be set with another type of pavé - the "crown-pavé", also called "Halo". This is yet another setting style in which tiny diamonds are surrounding the central diamond in a crown-like manner, making the center diamond appear much bigger.

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  • R 027 V2 Rose

    Stack full-pavé | round

    from € 1,295
    • Full-pavé:

    A full pavé setting displays both side stones onto the band itself AND a "Halo" around the center stone. This extremely glamorous setting style can transform any engagement ring set with a relatively small center diamond into a sparkling stunner!

    Benefits of a full pavé engagement ring

    Full pavé engagement rings are a wonderful choice for several reasons:

    • this setting style has the best value-for-money price point: pavé diamonds add a lot of sparkle for only a small increase in price
    • the "halo" surrounding the center diamond offer protection to the main stone
    • the "halo" makes the center stone appear much bigger than it is
    • if you wish for your engagement ring to be sparkly, this type of setting is the most glamorous one there is!

    Full-pavé Engagement rings

  • R 001 V2 Rose

    St. Tropez full-pavé | round

    from € 1,295
  • R 027 V2 Rose

    Stack full-pavé | round

    from € 1,295
  • R 024 White

    Venice full-pavé | round

    from € 1,190
  • E 001 V4 White

    Rome full-pavé | emerald-cut

    from € 1,750
  • PE 001 V4 Rose

    Venice full-pavé | pear-shape

    from € 1,490
  • OV 001 V4 White

    Venice full-pavé | oval

    from € 1,490
  • PR 002 V4 White

    Venice full-pavé | princess-cut

    from € 1,490
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