Losing your engagement ring – how you can avoid it.


Every bride-to-be’s nightmare: The valuable engagement ring gets lost.

Many future brides are afraid to lose their engagement ring. Since this piece of jewelry isn’t only emotionally, but also financially valuable, these worries aren’t completely unreasonable.

This is how you can avoid losing the precious piece:

  • Be careful to wear the right ring size. If the ring is slightly too big (for example in the winter months) it is more likely to slide off your finger unnoticedly. It should then be worn on the middle finger or on a necklace until the size can be adapted.
  • When you’re taking your ring off in the evening, pay attention to always put it in the exact same place.
  • Don’t take your ring off when washing your hands – especially in public places.
  • Don’t get in the habit of playing around with the ring on your hand.