Lost your engagement ring?


Every bride-to-be’s nightmare: The valuable engagement ring gets lost. What can you do?

How do I find my lost engagement ring?

Engagement rings can be lost while traveling, during outdoor activities, or simply doing housework. Before assuming your ring has been lost, search carefully for it.

  • retrace your steps: when is the last time you have seen it?
  • tidy up your home, office, car, bag, etc: your ring could have fallen under your bed if you left it on your nightstand, be hidden under a towel in your bathroom, have fallen under a kitchen cabinet if you removed it to cook... cleaning your home may be the best way to find it!
  • Search unusual places: your ring could have fallen into your sink, especially if you remove it to wash your hands. To retrieve your ring from the drain, watch youtube tutorials or call your plumber.

The engagement ring is lost. What should I do?

If the ring is definitely lost, you should file an insurance claim - hoping that your ring was insured! Let your insurance company know as soon as possible that the ring is lost. It is best to do this within 24 hours of losing the ring.

Is it bad luck to lose your engagement ring?

No, it is not. It is just sad, both for the person who lost it and for the person who initially paid for it! Losing your engagement ring per se does not mean that your relationship is coming to an end!

Should I replace a lost engagement ring?

If you want to, you should!

Of course, the price can be of concern, especially considering that you are basically paying for a second engagement ring!

This is why we highly recommend buying your new engagement ring online. It can be up to 40% cheaper than in physical stores.

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