Engagement rings: Women only?


Engagement rings are not only a thing for the brides-to-be anymore!

More and more men like to wear an engagement ring as a symbol of their imminent marriage. We’ll tell you what advantages this brings and what’s to be considered when getting an engagement ring for males.

Engagement rings for men – not a new trend!

In the 1950s it was already common for men to wear engagement rings! This trend is experiencing a new upswing in the 21stcentury.

Engagement ring for man and woman – advantages

  • More and more couple make the decision to get married jointly. In this case, it makes sense to also select the rings together.
  • If both partners decide to wear an engagement ring, those can then further be worn as wedding bands.
  • In case both partners would like to have an engagement ring as well as a wedding band, the two rings can be matched perfectly.

Engagement ring from a woman to a man

In the emancipated 21stcentury world, more and more women take the initiative and propose to their loved one. The time when women had to wait patiently for their partner to get down on one knee are over! Naturally, women are as scared of a “no” from their partner as men. The wrong ring, though, is likely to be a minor problem: It’s a big advantage that most women naturally have a better sense for their man’s taste than vice versa …

Engagement rings for men – design

The typical design of an engagement ring for a man usually differs from those a man would wear. Engagement rings for men are oftentimes

  • sleek
  • rather broad
  • matching their fiancées ring or even
  • a more plain version of their fiancées ring

Nevertheless, these are guidelines not rules!

Who pays for the man’s engagement ring?

Of course, in an emancipated world the question about who pays for the engagement rings arises. Many still love the imagination of the man going down on one knee and gifting the sparkling ring. However, it makes sense to divide the costs for the two engagement rings if both partners are working. This way, it’s also not such a big problem if one partner wishes for a costlier ring.

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