The New York Collection by My Diamond Ring


Exclusive, art-deco inspired engagement rings!

The exclusive engagement rings of the New York collection unite memories of past golden ages with the cosmopolitan glamour of the present. These one-of-a-kind rings each have their own story to tell.

A timeless yet unique solitaire

6 prongs solitaire engagement rings are timeless by nature. Yes, this edgy knife-type shank gives this ring an extra touch that makes it look like no other. The sharpness of the shank edges also allows the center diamond to take all its place and appear even bigger than it is.

A distinctive setting

Pavé settings are usually adorned with diamonds only on the upper face of the ring. This distinctive setting features a double-sided row of diamonds, making it truly unique.

An Art-Deco inspired Engagement Ring

This model is the most glamorous one of the New York collection. Inspired by the glamour of the golden ages, this art-deco-inspired ring features diamonds on all 3 sides of the shank.

Configure your own New York engagement ring!

At My Diamond Ring, you can configure your own engagement ring by choosing your diamond. We offer more than 5000 diamonds in different qualities and price ranges, in order for you to find the diamond that meets your expectations and budget. Our diamonds are all GIA certified and start as low as € 350.

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