All about Yellow Gold Engagement Rings


Yellow gold is regaining extremely popularity for engagement rings.

Is Yellow Gold good for engagement rings?

Yes, definitely!

Yellow gold engagement rings have disappeared for a while and are again becoming extremely popular, likely as a result of gold jewelry trending in the market, from pendants to hoop earrings.

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Is Yellow Gold more expensive than other gold colors?

No. We, at My Diamond Ring, sell all our gold colors (white gold, yellow gold, pink gold) at the same price. Yellow gold will cost you just as much as white or pink gold.

Does yellow gold make diamonds look yellow?

No! It is actually the opposite!!

Diamond color is graded by certification institutes such as GIA. They give each diamond a color grade that ranges from "D" to "Z" - "D" being the whitest, and "Z" the yellowest.

The whiter diamonds are, the more expensive they get. "D", "E" or "F" color-graded diamonds are known to be extremely white, and also extremely expensive.

At My Diamond Ring, we normally recommend choosing a diamond with a color grade "G" or "H". These color grades are "near-colorless" meaning that the diamond would appear perfectly white to the naked eye, for a much more competitive price.

EXPERT TIP: When opting for a cheaper and lower color grade ("I" or "J"), we actually highly recommend going for yellow gold or pink gold ring as this will make the relatively yellowish diamond appear much whiter by contrast.

Configure your own Yellow Gold Engagement Ring

At My Diamond Ring, you can select any of our engagement ring models in the color of your choice and choose your own diamond, hereby finding a ring that fits your expectations and budget.

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