All about White Gold Engagement Rings


White gold is one of the most popular color for engagement rings.

Is white gold good for an engagement ring?

Yes. White gold is the most popular metal for wedding and engagement rings for various reasons:

  • it provides a timeless look for any style.
  • it is harder than yellow gold. Why? The color itself is achieved by mixing pure gold with other white metals such as nickel or palladium, known for their sturdiness. This makes white gold a perfect choice for engagement rings that need to provide the extra security that the diamond won´t fall off.
  • it is much appreciated by men and women because of how the neutral color matches everything.
  • it fits any skin tone.

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Which gold color is more expensive?

White gold jewelry can be slightly more expensive than yellow gold jewelry (for the same Karat weight), because of the manufacturing process it undergoes while being mixed and coated.

However we, at My Diamond Ring, gave all our gold colors the same price. White gold will cost you just as much as yellow or pink gold.

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Is white gold cheaper than platinum?

Platinum is known to be the most expensive metal. But... what few people know is that platinum is actually less expensive than gold as a metal! The work that goes into making a platinum ring, however, is what justifies its higher price: Platinum rings need to be entirely made by hand, while gold rings (of any color) can be first cast, and then finished by hand.

FAQ: My Diamond Ring does not offer Platinum as a metal choice. Can My Diamond Ring make my selected ring in Platinum?

Yes. It would come at an added cost, but we can produce your chosen ring entirely by hand, in Platinum. For any special requests, simply get in touch with our customer service at

Is white gold yellow underneath?

No. White gold is white. If the metal gets scratched, no yellow color will show. However, white gold rings need to be rhodium plated once in a while to maintain their ultra white color.

Does my white gold ring need to be rhodium plated?

Yes. White gold is nothing but a mix of pure yellow gold with white metals. The presence of yellow gold in the mix makes it impossible for white gold to be totally white. White gold in its purest form actually has a slight greyish tint. To achieve an ultra-white finish, white gold is always rhodium-plated with a thin layer of another metal (usually platinum).

Over time, white gold rings lose their rhodium plating and turn slightly more grey. To make the ring regain its ultra-white finish, you must rhodium-plate your ring again, usually every 2-3 years.

NOTE: My Diamond Ring offers free rhodium plating to all its customers.

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