5 Best Ideas to Propose in New York City


If you are ready to pop the question and want to ensure that the backdrop of your marriage proposal has a grand appeal, New York City is the best place for you!

1. Propose with a New York inspired engagement ring!

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2. All the way up

Empire state building

A proposal on a rooftop overlooking New York's skyline is a moment you'll never forget. These are the highest locations for the biggest moment:

3. Just like the movies

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Every year, dozens of movies and series are shot in New York. Research the spot where her favorite scene takes place: What could be a better stage for your own movie-like moment?

4. Get creative

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Is your loved one interested in art? Bring him or her to a little art gallery or a magnificent museum and take the ring box out of your pocket while your partner is admiring an artwork.

5. The Winter Proposal

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New York is especially romantic during wintertime. These are the perfect spots to go down on one knee: